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 Odessa is an attractive city for investment and doing business




1. Favorable geographical location

Odessa city has a favorable geographical location. It is situated on the crossing of the most important international routes from Europe to Asia, from Central and Northern Europe to Middle East.
Three international transport corridors are passing though the city:
1. Pan-European № 9, connecting Finland, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece;
2. Gdansk-Odessa (the Baltic Sea – the Black Sea) (Participating countries: Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine);
3. Europe – Caucasus – Asia (TRACECA) (Participating countries: Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan).

Distances to the major cities of Ukraine:
Kiev – 489 km
Dnepropetrovsk – 468 km
Donetsk – 731 km
Lvov – 970 km
Nikolayev – 120 km
Kherson – 171 km
Vinnitsa – 428 km

Distances to the capitals of the European countries:
Sofia – 876 km
Warsaw – 1142 km
Moscow – 1382 km
Vienna – 1439 km
Prague – 1597 km
Berlin – 1674 km
Rome – 2393 km
Brussels – 2429 km
Paris – 2627 km



 2. Developed transport infrastructure

In the city, the following means of transport are developed:
- sea transport
- air transport
- rail transport
- motor transport

The Port of Odessa is one of the largest sea ports in Ukraine. Its annual capacity is about 21 million tones of dry bulk and 25 million tones of liquid bulk. It is connected with more than 600 ports of 100 countries in the world. According to the common classification characteristics, the port is considered to belong to the class of the largest ports, has the international category and active balance of freight turnover. It is a multifunctional type of a trading port. The containerization of the port is being actively developed. The annual capacity of container terminals is about 900 thousand TEU. Passenger complex caters for 4 million tourists a year.




Odessa International Airport takes the third place in Ukraine in passenger traffic volume. Its airlines are connected with more than 60 countries worldwide and serve 111 regular flights a week. The airport is situated in the southwestern part of Odessa. The distance from the city centre to the airport is 7.5 km. The airlines of the airport are connected with many cities of Ukraine, CIS, as well as with the countries of Western and Central Europe, Asia and Africa.

Odessa railway is the main transport network in the south of Ukraine that serves about 700 thousand passengers a month and carries more than 2 million tons of cargo.

There are motorways on the territory of Odessa region:
М-22 - Odessa- Illichevsk
Е-58 – Vienna - Uzhhorod - Kishinev (Moldova) - Kuchurgan - Odessa - Melitopol - Novoazovsk (to Taganrog, Russia) - Rostov-on-Don (Russia)
Е-87 – Odessa - Reni (to Bucharest, Romania) - Constantsa (Romania) - Izmir (Turkey) - Antalya (Turkey)
Е-95- St Petersburg - Kiev - Odessa - Samsun (Turkey) - Merzifon (Turkey)


3. Scientific and technical human resources



Odessa is the centre of Odessa agglomeration with population more than 1.5 million people.
Out of 6 thousand eminent scientists of the world 159 (2.6 %) were somehow connected with Odessa.
There are a number of famous scientific schools.
130 thousand of students study in 29 institutions of higher education of I-IV accreditation.
9 institutions of higher education have a national status.
The city is provided with highly skilled English speaking specialists. It allows to develop business with high standards and requirements for human resources (high-tech manufacturing, service of high quality).


 4. Business friendliness



According to Forbes magazine in 2015 Odessa took first place in the ranking of cities in Ukraine. Cities were evaluated on the basis of their attractiveness for companies operating in the segment of Business-to-Consumer, and ranked by the number of points obtained in six groups of indicators: human capital, purchasing capacity (welfare), business climate, economic stability, infrastructure and business health. 



5. Market



 Proximity to the market is one of the reasons for investment nowadays.
Odessa is the city with more than 1 million people and hundreds of thousands visitors. It is also the administrative centre of the region with about 2.5 million people and, thus, it is attractive as a major market.

The city has a developed infrastructure of a retail and wholesale trade. The retail network has 14 670 objects.

Investment in Odessa provides access not only to the city market. Developed transport infrastructure and favorable location of the city also make it possible to gain access to the markets of Ukraine (about 46 million people), as well as to the countries of CIS and Asia.

Odessa is a gateway to Europe and the CIS countries. After Ukraine joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) this function of the city has intensified.

Odessa can also be regarded as a test market for the entry of the new products to the markets of the CIS countries, especially of modern high-tech products and new brands.



 6. Quality of life and recreation


Odessa is a real treasure for connoisseurs of art. 26 museums function in the city.
«Forbes» magazine put Odessa Theater of Opera and Ballet on the list of the most unusual sights of Eastern Europe.
The city has developed social infrastructure.
10 theaters and 9 cinemas function in Odessa.
There are 126 comprehensive schools belonging to the municipal property.


There are about 1.5 thousand sport facilities: tennis courts, football fields, gyms swimming pools and shooting galleries at the disposal of the citizens of Odessa. The city system of public health is represented by 61 medical and preventive institutions.
The resort area of Odessa stretches for tens of kilometers along the Black Sea and its limans and is one of the oldest and most popular in the country. The resorts of Odessa offer a unique set of natural and climatic factors.
Odessa has great tourism potential and objective prerequisites for its development.
Along the entire coast of Odessa a lot of beaches, sanatoriums and vacation houses are situated. The biggest dolphinarium in the country functions on Arcadia beach. One of the most popular resorts and entertainment areas of Odessa is Arcadia. Arcadia beach is the center of the club scene and is known as Odessa’s equivalent to Ibiza.
A world-famous Kuyalnik liman is a unique natural laboratory with therapeutic salt water and silt mud. Kuyalnik is one of the oldest mud resorts in the country. It is known as the Dead Sea of Ukraine.



There are lots of different resting places in the city, such as bowling clubs, carting and roller grounds, skating-rinks, circus, zoo, yacht club, etc.
Tourism infrastructure includes:
• 126 hotels and places of short-term accommodation
• 31 sanatoriums and health resorts
There are 648 objects of catering trade in Odessa (restaurants, cafes, bars, etc.)





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