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On September 2, 2013, Odessa City is celebrating her 219th Birthday

On August 14, 2013, the first press-conference dedicated to celebrating the 219th Birthday of our city was held at Odessa City Hall.

The key festivities are scheduled for August 30 and 31 and September 1 – 3.

Great festive program is dated for Odessa’s Birthday. It includes rock fest, art & flowers exhibitions, music concerts, gala concert etc.
Traditional concert followed by a large firework will take place at Potyomkin Stairs in the evening.

In the network of the celebration, a range of traditional events will be held, including:
- International “Meetings in Odessa” Culture and Arts Festival;
- Gala concert of the XXII “Piqué Vests” Rock Festival in memory of I. Gankevitch at the Kulikovo Field (Chicherina and Skryabin are the headliners of the concert);
- Gala concert at at Potyomkin Stairs;
- open-air “Rakhmaninov by the Sea” concert by Alexei Botvinov by the Vorontsov Palace’s Colonnade;
- open-air “Jazz in Classics. Classics in Jazz” concert by Yuri Kuznetsov in the City Garden;
- flowers exhibition and the 2nd Arts and Crafts Festival;
- “Open-air cinema hall” at Langerone Descent;
- Yerzy Hoffman’s “Ukraine”movie presentation;
- meeting with the legendary Yuri Norstein, the author of bestseller “Hedgehog in Fog”cartoon;
- festive firework.

The traditional Gala-concert at Potyomkin Stairs will feature numerous famous artists, including In-Grid, Potap and Nastya Kamenskykh, BoomBox, Tina Karol, “X-Factor” Show winner Aida Nikolaychuk from Odessa, “Country’s Voice” Show winner Anna Khodorovskaya from Odessa and others.

Festive concerts, contests and events will be held in all the districts of the city.

Pupils of the orphanages, boarding schools, family type orphanages and specialized schools, as well as the geriatric centers’ mentees, will receive greetings as well.


24 September 16:00
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