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28.01.2015 19:20
Odessa retains the status of a city with a million-plus population
According to the Main Statistical Office in the Odessa region, the population of the city of Odessa on December the 1, 2014 year was 1,016,773 people More

27.01.2015 17:21
Holocaust victims memory honored in Odessa
Every year on January 27, to the day of Auschwitz liberation in 1945, the world commemorates the victims of  Holocaust. Commemorative events took place and in Odessa. Picture story More

26.01.2015 14:19
Odessa International Airport sums up the results of its work in 2014 year
In 2014 year Odessa International Airport entered the top airports in Ukraine More

23.01.2015 18:30
In Odessa rescuers lifted a man with 3-years old child from the floe
On the beach "Langeron" Employees of municipal institution "Rescue diving service of the Odessa City Council" rescued from the floe a 40 years old man with 3 years old girl More

23.01.2015 13:11
A photo exhibition dedicated to Odessa has been opened in Marseille
Photo exhibition "Marseille-Odessa: cross-view" has been solemnly opened in the city library of Marseille, and later it will be presented in Odessa More

23.01.2015 12:28
Young artists from Odessa have presented their works in the Hellenic Foundation for Culture
In Odessa Branch of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture has been opened an exhibition of children's art, dedicated to the traditions of Christmas and New Year celebration in Greece More

22.01.2015 15:47
Odessa celebrates the Day of Ukraine\'s Unity. Photo
On January 22, Ukraine celebrates the Unity Day. In Odessa was held a solemn ceremony of laying flowers to Taras Shevchenko monument. Picture story More

22.01.2015 13:10
In Odessa was held a seminar dedicated to the International Holocaust Remembrance Day
The teachers from Odessa schools became participants of the seminar "Family history of the Holocaust – life goes on ..." In educational institutions took a start the week of tolerance More

20.01.2015 19:22
Next year the main Christmas tree of Odessa will return to the Dumska square
The New Year celebrations are over. The workers have already begun dismantling of the main Christmas tree in Odessa More

19.01.2015 19:30
Odessites take part in the traditional Epiphany swimming. Photo
In Odessa were held the rites of consecration of water and Epiphany swimming. Photo More

19.01.2015 15:17
In Odessa Zoo rescued a pelican, listed in the IUCN Red Book
The workers of Odessa zoo have helped the injured pelican More

15.01.2015 13:56
Odessa journalists have won the Ukrainian competition on the Association Agreement with the EU
Journalists from Odessa have won in the National competition for the best article on the Association Agreement with the EU in which took part 50 Ukrainian media correspondents More

12.01.2015 19:18
In Odessa has been finished the competition for the best Christmas decoration of facades and storefronts
In Odessa summed up the competition among enterprises and organizations for the best New Year's decoration of facades and storefronts More

12.01.2015 18:09
On the main street of Odessa were held Christmas festivities. Picture story
The citizens of Odessa celebrated Christmas with carols, dancing and reeling near by the holiday tree on the Deribasovskaya Street. Photo More

12.01.2015 16:00
The citizen of Odessa celebrated 90th anniversary
Resident of the Primorsky district of Odessa, participant of the Great Patriotic War Claudia Dmitrievna Kutozova is 90 years More

12.01.2015 11:36
In Odessa have baked the biggest Christmas card of gingerbread in Ukraine. Picture story
The Christmas card of gingerbread maid by Odessa bakers having size of 12.18 square km entered the Record book of Ukraine. Picture story More

05.01.2015 17:32
Many odessites celebrated New 2015 Year near by the main Christmas tree at the Dumska Square. Picture story
New 2015 Year at the Dumska Square: concert with the participation of music stars, competitions, gifts and New Year's firework More

31.12.2014 12:50
The city officials and deputies helped utilities to clean Odessa of snow. Picture story
The employees and members of the city council took active part in cleaning Odessa of snow. Picture story More

30.12.2014 15:01
Odessa International Airport has resumed its work
Odessa International Airport has fully resumed its work, there are also conducted works on clearing parking lots and the territory near the airport More

30.12.2014 14:48
In Odessa eliminate the consequences of the record snowfall
In Odessa was raging element: snowfall, blizzard, wet snow, sleet, snow drifts, ice and strong storm winds of 25-30 m / s  paralyzed traffic in the city More

26.12.2014 13:49
Colorful and warm New Years celebrations are held for orphans in Odessa. Picture story
The kids of the orphanage 1 received the gifts for Christmas and New Year's Holidays. Children were congratulated by the representatives of the Consulate General of China and the other permanent patrons. Picture story More

26.12.2014 12:48
Unique Art-tree has been opened in Odessa
Odessites have celebrated the European Christmas at the square near the monument to Duke de Richelieu. The warmest in the history of Odessa knitted Art tree welcomed the guests. Picture story More

24.12.2014 16:36
On the New Year\'s Eve the Anchor Heart monument in Odessa turned into the tree of wishes
In Odessa took a start the flash mob during which the Anchor Heart monument in Odessa turned into the tree of wishes More

24.12.2014 12:51
In Odessa was held traditional New Year\'s meeting with the heads of diplomatic missions
The Mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov and the heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Odessa summed up the results of outgoing year and discussed the prospects of cooperation for the next year More

23.12.2014 20:17
In Odessa takes place retro exhibition New Year and Christmas Holidays for generations
Citizens and guests of Odessa are invited to a Christmas retro exhibition: New Year’s cards, periodicals, paintings, toys, paintings of late XIX - early XXI centuries More

23.12.2014 19:47
Odessa will surprise with the Art Christmas tree: 750 square meters of comfort and warmth
On the European Christmas in Odessa it is prepared a surprise. Warm hearts and modern technologies create an Art Christmas tree near Duke More

23.12.2014 16:43
A Christmas mail has been opened in Odessa International Airport
Visitors of Odessa airport have an opportunity to send Christmas cards, designed by the renowned artist Oksana Mas. The campaign will last until mid-January More

23.12.2014 16:04
Premiere Christmas concert to be held at the Odessa Conservatory
December 25 for the first time in Odessa will perform "The Twelve Days of Christmas" by contemporary British composer and conductor Bob Chilcott. Free admission More

22.12.2014 19:57
In Odessa took their start the New Year and Christmas celebrations. Photo
On the day of St. Nicholas in all the districts of Odessa were held festivities on celebration of the New Year and Christmas. Photo More

22.12.2014 19:31
In Odessa fathers and grandfathers sang lullabies in 12 languages
In Odessa has been presented unique music album: lullabies sang in 12 languages by the peoples living in Odessa More

19.12.2014 15:56
UN experts delegation visited Odessa school
In the Odessa school number 85 was held a meeting of students and teachers with the experts of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees More

19.12.2014 12:25
Odessa will celebrate the New Year with renewed Duke. Picture story
In Odessa are completed restoration works of the monument to Duke de Richelieu. Picture story More

18.12.2014 13:21
In Odessa will be held charitable events and concerts dedicated to St. Nicholas\' Day
Charitable events, concerts, competitions, performances and the other festivities dedicated to St. Nicholas' Day, Christmas and New Year's Day took a start in Odessa. Program of celebration More

17.12.2014 17:09
An exhibition of New Years cards by classics of postal miniatures takes place in Odessa
In the central library of the city of Odessa takes place an exhibition of New Year’s cards "Winter Fairy" created by classics of postal miniatures More

17.12.2014 12:08
The main Christmas tree of Odessa is being set at the Dumska Square. Picture story
To the Day of St. Nicholas, on December 19, at the Dumska Square will be the grand opening of the main Christmas tree in Odessa. Picture story More

15.12.2014 15:07
The IV Charitable Diplomatic Christmas Fair was held in Odessa. Picture story
The Mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov welcomed the participants of the IV diplomatic charity Christmas Fair. The collected funds will be directed for the purchase of medical equipment. Picture story More

12.12.2014 15:20
All-Ukrainian Bulgarian newspaper celebrates its 25th anniversary
In Odessa will be held festivities dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Ukrainian state Bulgarian newspaper "Roden Krai": round table, presentation of published books, concert program and a festive table More

11.12.2014 17:02
Odessa Zoo is one of the founders of Ukrainian Association of Zoos and Aquariums
Odessa zoo has been presented at the Constituent Conference of the Ukrainian Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the aim of which is cooperation between zoos in various fields More

11.12.2014 13:05
Elderly women from Odessa preparing for the New Year in creative workshops
In anticipation of holidays the wards of Odessa social center create New Year costumes, ornaments and decorations More

10.12.2014 17:31
The registration of participants for traditional contest Madam Odessa took a start in Odessa
Any female citizen of Odessa can take part in traditional Odessa contest regardless of age, height, weight and profession – if only she’s got the «Madame» status More

10.12.2014 16:45
The program of celebration the New Year 2015 and Christmas in Odessa
During the New Year’s festivities the citizens and guests of Odessa will be able to enjoy the Christmas fair, Father Frosts’ bike ride, retro New Year trees, retro exhibition of posters, postcards and Christmas decorations, concerts and performances, competitions and much more. PROGRAM More

10.12.2014 13:16
Odessa Museum of Private Collections invites to the New Year\'s master class
On the eve of New Year at the Odessa Municipal Museum of Private Collections named after A.V. Bleshchunov to be held a master class on creating Christmas decorations "out of nothing" More

09.12.2014 18:24
Charitable Diplomatic Christmas Fair to take place in Odessa
The opening of the Charitable Diplomatic  Christmas Fair will be held on December 13: national cuisine, souvenirs, food and industrial goods, toys and Christmas decorations More

08.12.2014 20:19
Charitable Christmas Fair to take place in Odessa
12 - 14 December in Odessa Protestant church will take place a charitable Christmas fair More

08.12.2014 17:17
In Odessa celebrated the Day of Armed Forces of Ukraine
On occasion of celebration the Day of Armed Forces of Ukraine in Odessa was held the ceremony of laying flowers on the monument to Unknown Sailor. Picture story More

05.12.2014 14:19
In Odessa took place the Day of local-self government
In the Odessa City Council took place a solemn meeting dedicated to the Day of local-self government. Picture story More

02.12.2014 14:50
In Odessa celebrated the 600th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Poland and Turkey
Within the celebration of the 600th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Poland and Turkey the young artist from Odessa painted Turkey More

01.12.2014 16:28
In Odessa took place a friendly volleyball match between the teams of deputies and employees of the City Council. Picture story
On the eve of the Day of Local Self-Government was held a friendly volleyball match between the team of deputies of the Odessa City Council and a team of employees of the executive bodies and heads of public utilities More

28.11.2014 17:24
In order to help the animal shelter a charity photo exhibition takes place in Odessa
Famous people from Odessa and unindifferent residents of the city took part in a charity photo exhibition organized for the animal shelter Kovcheg More

27.11.2014 14:46
Landscapers planted another 270 rose bushes of Odessa sort in the City Garden
In the City Garden landscapers of the city planted another 270 rose bushes of «Odessa» sort - the gift made by the French company «Meilland» to the 220th anniversary of the city More

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