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03.09.2015 18:43
The Birthday of Odessa ended with grandiose fireworks
A large-scale concert at Potemkin Stairs and fireworks were the finishing touches of the birthday of Odessa celebration. Picture story More

03.09.2015 18:39
In Odessa laid the foundation of sister cities symbols Alley
The sister city of Yokohama gave the city 25 rose bushes to Odessa's Birthday More

03.09.2015 18:34
Happy birthday Odessa: the flag of the city was solemnly raised on the Dumska square
A solemn flag’s of the city raising ceremony was held on the Dumska square on occasion of the birthday of Odessa. Picture story More

03.09.2015 18:29
Buggies parade was held in Odessa to the City Day
Participants of the buggies parade solemnly walked through Primorskiy Boulevard. PICTURE STORY More

03.09.2015 18:24
Honorary Guests from various countries arrived in Odessa on the City Day celebration
The mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov recieved representatives of foreign delegations, diplomatic missions and consulates More

03.09.2015 18:18
In Odessa celebrated the 70th anniversary of the World War II end

The solemn ceremony of laying flowers at the monument to Unknown Sailor on the Walk of Fame was held in Odessa on occasion of the 70th anniversary of World War II end. Photo Report More

03.09.2015 18:07
Concert on Potemkin Stairs dedicated to Odessa birthday - how it was. Photo
On the City Day in Odessa was held a concert on Potemkin stairs which ended with fireworks. Picture story More

31.08.2015 19:50
An exhibition of Japanese art to be in Odessa Art Museum
To the 50th anniversary of sister city relations between Odessa and Yokohama an exhibition of Japanese art to be in Art Museum from 3 to 5 of September: embroidered temari balls, photographs, Japanese dolls, workshops on calligraphy, origami and furoshiki More

31.08.2015 19:42
Street dance festival Stamina Battle took place in Odessa. Photo
350 dancers competed for first place and the title of "Best of the Best" in the VI International street dance festival Stamina Battle for 3 days in Odessa. Photo More

31.08.2015 19:33
A large-scale open-air concert will be held on Potemkin Stairs to the birthday of Odessa
Famous Opera House will present a grand polyphonic Opera gala concert at Potemkin Stairs in Odessa on September 2 More

31.08.2015 16:25
Odessa will celebrate the 50th anniversary of sister city relations with Yokohama
The Days of Japan to be in September on occasion of 50th anniversary of the sister-city relationship of Yokohama and Odessa More

31.08.2015 16:11
Odessa: a walk through Shevchenko Park
Gifts for the City Day: landscaped Shevchenko Park. Picture story

28.08.2015 16:16
Odessa: a walk through the Victory Park
Gifts for the City Day: landscaped Victory Park. Picture story More

28.08.2015 16:06
Odessa hospitals are planned to be equipped with modern high-tech equipment
The Mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov discussed with the Austrian delegation the possibilities of providing high-tech equipment to the medical institutions of the city More

28.08.2015 15:51
An exhibition dedicated to unique bazaar was opened in Odessa to the City Day
Photo exhibition by Sergei Gevelyuk dedicated to Starokonny bazaar was opened in Odessa Regional History Museum. Picture story More

28.08.2015 15:35
Festive events for the City Day took a start in Odessa
Odessa celebrates the City Day and the 600th anniversary of the first written mention of the port Kachibey More

25.08.2015 11:52
Huge flag of Ukraine unfurled on Potemkin Stairs in Odessa. Photo
Huge 24-meters Ukrainian flag unfurled on Potemkin stairs. The action took place within Vyshivankovy Festival, which is annually held on Primorsky Boulevard. Photo More

25.08.2015 11:45
Independence Day celebrated in Odessa. Picture story
The ceremony of laying flowers at the monument to Taras Shevchenko took place in Odessa on occasion of the 24th anniversary of independence of Ukraine. Picture story More

23.08.2015 13:44
The Day of National Flag celebrated in Odessa. Photo
In Odessa was held the solemn flag-raising ceremony. Picture story More

20.08.2015 17:10
The Flag Day and Independence Day of Ukraine to be celebrated in Odessa
The ceremony of raising the National Flag and laying flowers at the monument to Taras Shevchenko will be held in Odessa on the Day of the Flag and Independence Day of Ukraine More

20.08.2015 14:12
One of the biggest Orthodox holidays celebrated in Odessa. Picture story
The solemn liturgy and the consecration of fruits took place in all the Orthodox churches of Odessa on August 19. Picture story More

19.08.2015 17:28
Annual Hasidic program to be in Odessa International Airport
Odessa International Airport prepares to receive Hasidic pilgrims. From 9 to 17 of September it is expected to receive about 3,000 Jewish pilgrims. Arrival and departure will be served by 27 charter flights More

17.08.2015 13:42
Passenger ship Thomson Spiritvisited Odessa. Photo
The number of ship calls increasing - 215-meter passenger ship «Thomson Spirit» with 1.3 thousand tourists on board visited Odessa port. Picture story More

15.08.2015 19:06
The Consul General of Turkey Ms. Nur Sagman: I fell in love with Odessa from the moment I stepped on this land
The mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov handed the Consul General of Turkey Ms. Nur Sagman Honorary award of the Odessa mayor "Gratitude". Photo More

14.08.2015 19:23
The Mayor of Odessa met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania. Photo
The Mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, Mr. Lynas Linkevičius discussed the issues of bilateral relations development during the meeting. Photo More

11.08.2015 18:03
The Days of Czech Republic to be in Odessa
The vice-mayor of Odessa Zinaida Tsvirinko met with the director of the Czech Center under the Embassy of Czech Republic in Ukraine More

11.08.2015 12:53
70-kg cake was cooked in Odessa to the Day of tomato. Picture story
Entertaining, delicious, bright red gastronomic festival the «Day of tomato» was held in Odessa city center for the second time. Picture story More

07.08.2015 19:37
Gennadiy Trukhanov: Odessa and Istanbul show an example of public diplomacy and specific steps
Experts of Istanbul and Odessa municipalities, headed by Odessa Mayor Gennadiy Trukhanov discussed the features of Istanbul Park’s improvement project and the possibility of its unification with Lunniy Square. Picture story More

07.08.2015 16:58
The Book Festival - International Fair Green Wave takes place in Odessa. Picture story
In Odessa was opened the XIX International Book Fair «Green Wave». Photo report of the opening More

07.08.2015 16:33
Odessa and Istanbul: preservation of cultural heritage
Representatives of Odessa and Istanbul Municipalities shared experiences on sustainment of cities and architectural monuments’ preservation More

07.08.2015 15:06
The improvement of Istanbul Park discussed in Odessa
The delegation of Istanbul Municipality and representatives of Odessa City Council discussed the improvement projects of Istanbul Park. Picture story More

06.08.2015 12:26
The first in Ukraine Festival of Lights to be in Odessa
On October 16-18 the festival of light and media art Odessa Light Fest will be held in Odessa: light and art installations, 2D and 3D graphics, exhibition of works in the field of lighting design, master classes and much more More

05.08.2015 18:58
In Odessa celebrated the 74th anniversary of the city heroic defense. Picture story
Odessites laid flowers at the monument to Unknown Sailor on the Walk of Fame in honor of the 74th anniversary of Odessa defense from Nazi invaders. Picture story More

04.08.2015 18:27
EBRD representative: the team, which now works in Odessa, works on the result
The signing of tripartite agreement on preparation of loan financing for the purchase of 45 new vehicles was held in Odessa. Photo More

04.08.2015 16:42
The anniversary of Odessa heroic defense to be celebrated tomorrow
The 74th anniversary of the heroic defense of Odessa from Nazi invaders will take place in the park named after T.Shevchenko on August 5 More

04.08.2015 16:27
The Day of Tomato to be in Odessa
On August 8 in the center of Odessa will take place Tomato Day: a parade of red cars, «Tomato Battle», a giant cake «Tomato», master classes, and symphonic music. Dress code – red wear More

03.08.2015 19:25
The mass action on breastfeeding promotion was held in Odessa
Odessa activists and medics joined the World Breastfeeding Week. The youngest participant of the action was just 14 days old More

03.08.2015 11:58
The festival ODESSA WATER BATTLE 2015 was held in Odessa
Water battle was held in Odessa More

02.08.2015 15:30
Tourist Odessa. The favorite traditions of guests in pictures
Summer. The holiday season is in full play. With what it will stay in memory of Odessa monuments. Picture story More

02.08.2015 15:06
Art picnic by Slava Frolova was opened in Odessa. Picture story
In Odessa Lunniy Park began its work Art picnic by Slava Frolova. Picture story More

02.08.2015 14:31
Participants of the first stage of the international cycling race Odessa Grand Prix overcome 168 km. Picture story
The winners of the first phase who overcame 168 km were awarded at the end of the first day of international cycling race «Odessa Grand Prix». Picture story More

31.07.2015 18:31
The Mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov met with Ambassador of Austria to Ukraine. Photo
At the meeting of Odessa mayor Gennadiy Trukhanov and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Austria to Ukraine, Ms. Hermine Poppeller the sides discussed the investment attractiveness of Odessa for the Austrian business. Photo More

30.07.2015 14:37
Odessa International Airport increases the frequency of flights Odessa-Tbilisi
From August 8 Odessa Airport increases the frequency of flights Odessa-Tbilisi. «Georgian Airways» will carry out regular flights on Wednesdays and Saturdays More

30.07.2015 11:39
The Mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov was in Istanbul with working visit. Photo
Representatives of the municipalities of Istanbul and Odessa will create a working group on the improvement of the Istanbul Park in Odessa. Picture story More

29.07.2015 17:14
Colorful Sea Festival was held in Odessa. Photo
Citizens and guests of Odessa became participants of «Odessa Sea Festival»: competitions, regattas, flash mobs, competitions, quizzes and lectures. Picture story More

29.07.2015 16:30
Memorial plaque to legendary Rear Admiral Jerzy Swirski was opened in Odessa
Memorial plaque to the famous Rear Admiral Jerzy Swirski was opened on the facade of headquarters building of Odessa Maritime Guard detachment. Photo More

29.07.2015 11:55
International cycling competition Odessa Grand Prix to be in Odessa
On August 1-2 in Odessa will be held international cycling competition «Odessa Grand Prix - 1» and «Odessa Grand Prix – 2» More

28.07.2015 16:58
In Odessa discussed the issues of international cooperation and support for displaced people from the ATO area
The first vice-mayor of Odessa met with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland More

28.07.2015 12:01
In Odessa City Council was held a meeting of historical and toponymic commission
The issues of setting a bust to the great philanthropist and distinguished Odessa Mayor Grigory Marazli were discussed at the proceeding of historical and toponymic commission More

27.07.2015 17:57
Strengthening of Odessa-Turkish cooperation: classical music in ancient citadel
Famous Odessa pianist Alexey Botvinov gave a concert in Akkerman fortress

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