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27.03.2015 18:23
Baby boom in Odessa zoo
In Odessa Zoo a couple of Bactrian camels became parents. The colt feels good and lives in a cage with the other camels


26.03.2015 18:41
The French Navy\'s frigate La Fayette arrived in Odessa. Photo
The Mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov met with the Ambassador of the French Republic in Ukraine Alain Remy and commander of the French frigate «La Fayette» which today arrived in Odessa. Photo More

25.03.2015 17:51
The Day of Polish-Hungarian Friendship was held in Odessa
Odessa schoolchildren took part in festivities on occasion of the Day of Polish-Hungarian Friendship: presentation, musical numbers and traditional dishes of Polish and Hungarian cuisine More

23.03.2015 14:12
In Odessa celebrated the 120th anniversary of the legendary artist Leonid Utesov. Picture story
The songs of legendary singer Leonid Utesov were performed in the City Garden within the celebration of the artist’s 120th anniversary. Jubilee celebrations were opened by the Mayor of Odessa. Picture story More

20.03.2015 18:43
Honorary Consulate of Latvia to be opened in Odessa
At the official meeting of the deputy mayor of Odessa Zinaida Tsvirinko with representatives of Lithuania and Latvia were discussed the prospects of opening a direct flight Odessa-Vilnius, as well as the ways of cooperation in economy, culture and tourism spheres More

20.03.2015 15:37
Odessa International Airport expands its direct flights
Odessa airport’s summer flight program: new direct flights to St. Petersburg, Moscow, Vilnius, Lviv and Kharkiv; the resumption of flights to Baku and Yerevan More

18.03.2015 16:31
The indigent residents of Odessa will receive humanitarian aid from Germany
In Odessa arrived humanitarian aid from Germany for the indigent residents of Odessa and region, as well as for people displaced from the occupied territories and ATO area. Picture story More

17.03.2015 14:58
The festival of organ music Odessa Music Fest to be in Odessa
March 20-22 musicians from Japan, Georgia, France and Ukraine will perform in Odessa at the International Festival of Organ Music «Odessa Music Fest» More

16.03.2015 18:15
The tourism potential of Odessa was represented at the International Exhibition in Berlin
Odessa took part in the International Tourism Exhibition ITB-Berlin 2015. Travel agencies and tour operators interested in cooperation got all the needed information about the city More

16.03.2015 14:06
Odessites to take part in the Muaythai University World Cup
The Mayor of Odessa wished Ukrainian Thai boxers good luck at the first Muaythai University World Cup. Picture story More

12.03.2015 12:02
Honorary Consul of Lithuania in Odessa told about the milestones of the independence of the state
March 11 The Republic of Lithuania celebrates 25 years of its independence. Honorary Consul of the Republic of Lithuania in Odessa Elena Drutis told about the achievements of the state over the years More

11.03.2015 21:10
In Odessa Zoo were born babies of lamas and Cameroonian goats. Photo
The next recruitment in Odessa Zoo: Lamas and Cameroonian goats became happy parents. The babies feel well and are in general enclosure. Photo More

11.03.2015 19:19
In Odessa honored Taras Shevchenkos memory. Picture story
On the occasion of the 201 anniversary of the birth of the great Ukrainian poet and artist Taras Shevchenko people laid flowers at Minstrel’s monument. Picture story More

05.03.2015 18:55
The citizens of Odessa had an opportunity to visit a photo exhibition Georgia, which Ukrainians like
In Odessa was held the presentation of photo exhibition dedicated to the mothers of the world - «Georgia, which Ukrainians like» More

05.03.2015 14:06
Evdokia Sergeevna Kozachenko from Odessa is 101 years old
A resident of Odessa Evdokia Kozachenko received congratulations on her birthday. Senior citizen has 2 sons, 6 grandchildren, 8 grand-grandchildren, 2 great-grandsons and 3 great-great grandsons More

05.03.2015 13:30
Odessa has been presented at the International Tourism Trade Show in Berlin
Once again Odessa taking part in the International Tourism Trade Show in Berlin More

05.03.2015 11:37
Odessa mourns for the dead miners
On March 5 in Odessa lowered the state flags of Ukraine. The memory of dead workers of Zasyadko mine will be honored with a minute of silence at 12:00 More

04.03.2015 19:09
In Odessa paid the last tribute to dead seamen
In Odessa paid the last respect to the soldiers of Ukrainian Navy who were killed in the zone of ATO. The head of State Administration and the mayor of Odessa came to commemorate the patriots of Ukraine More

04.03.2015 12:33
Preterm graduates of Odessa Military Academy to join the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Picture story
The mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov congratulated graduates of the Military Academy on the assignment of officer's rank. Picture story More

03.03.2015 19:02
In Odessa was held the ceremony of naval officers graduation
In Odessa took place the Naval Forces of Ukraine officers’ preterm graduation More

27.02.2015 18:49
In Odessa school 75 celebrated Martisor - the arrival of spring
For pupils of Odessa Special School 75 was held an event devoted to the traditional Moldovan-Romanian holiday of Martisor More

26.02.2015 16:44
An exhibition of photographs by German photographer Arno Fischer to be in Odessa
Citizen and guests of Odessa are invited t exhibition of photographs by outstanding German photographer Arno Fischer. The exhibition will be held from 6 to 30 of March More

25.02.2015 16:56
The next conference on the historical center of Odessa including in the main UNESCO list to be this summer
The next conference on the conservation of Odessa historic buildings by including in the main UNESCO World Heritage List to be in Odessa from 24 to 26 of June More

24.02.2015 13:26
Maslenitsa festival in Odessa. Picture story
Colorful festival "Maslenitsa in Odessa" delighted guests with a variety of folk rites and treats More

20.02.2015 20:09
In Odessa 100 white doves soared into the sky in the memory of heroes of the Heavenly Hundred
On occasion of the Day of the Heavenly Hundred in Odessa laid flowers to Taras Shevchenko’s monument More

20.02.2015 17:47
Odessa schoolchildren became the winners of the regional round of International Polish language and literature Olympiad
In Odessa specialized school 121 was held the regional stage of the International Polish language and literature Olympiad More

19.02.2015 16:10
Recruitment in Odessa Zoo
Bears surprised Odessa zoo workers with collective wintering and pleased with the recruitment More

18.02.2015 15:19
Exhibitions of Chinese magazines and Dragon paintings take place in Odessa library
On the eve of Chinese New Year in the reading room of the Central City Library named after Ivan Franko takes place an exhibition of Chinese magazines and exhibition of «Dragon» paintings More

16.02.2015 17:21
In Odessa airport has been opened a hall for travelers in business class
In Odessa International Airport has been opened the first in Ukraine hall for traveling business class More

16.02.2015 16:30
The most interesting tourist events in Odessa for 2015 will be known all over the world
At the General Assembly of the International Organization "Danube Competence Center" were adopted decisions aimed at promoting the tourist potential of Odessa More

16.02.2015 15:51
Music Director and Principal Conductor of the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra Hobart Earle entered the list of 30 professionals of the year
People's Artist of Ukraine Music Director and Principal Conductor of the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra Hobart Earle entered the list of 30 "Professionals of the Year" by one of the oldest magazines about classical music More

16.02.2015 14:35
The question of cooperation with the Georgian Batumi is planned to be raised on the Odessa City Councils session
In the Odessa City Council was held a meeting of the Standing Parliamentary Commission on Economic, Investment Policy, International Relations and Information Technologies More

16.02.2015 14:11
In Odessa honored the memory of combatants in the territory of other states
Odessites remember and appreciate the feat of soldiers-internationalists. In Odessa honored the memory of combatants in the territory of other states. Photo More

11.02.2015 15:52
A Winter Fair devoted to Maslenitsa festival to be in Odessa
Traditional Winter Fair to be in Odessa from 13 to 22 of February: food, holiday treats, gifts and handicrafts, master classes, performance of the winter’s farewell More

11.02.2015 13:46
Odessa Zoo welcomes to celebrate the Chinese New Year
On February 14 in Odessa Zoo will be held festive events dedicated to Chinese New Year’s celebration: contests, educational games, colorful performances and master class from the masters of Kung Fu More

10.02.2015 16:53
Celebration of Safer Internet Day in Odessa
Interesting events dedicated to the Safer Internet Day are held today for the young inhabitants of Odessa More

06.02.2015 17:52
Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art invites on a virtual tour
Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art invites to make a virtual tour and get acquainted with the masterpieces of painting, arts and crafts More

05.02.2015 14:21
The Mayor of Odessa awarded the ATO soldiers
Soldiers who have shown courage and heroism in defense of Ukraine’s sovereignty and integrity received awards from the Mayor of Odessa. Honorary awards will be handed to fighters at the combat positions in Mariupol province More

05.02.2015 13:49
Odessa schoolchildren organize charitable events to support the soldiers of ATO
In Odessa school was held a charitable event in support of the ATO warriors. The children have prepared letters, gifts, souvenirs, warm clothes and food More

04.02.2015 17:23
In the year of Goat the kid became the first newborn in Odessa Zoo. Photo
In Odessa Zoo a pair of domestic goats gave the city the first newborn in 2015. Photo More

04.02.2015 14:47
Vienna-Odessa-Vienna new flights direction introduced
Odessa International Airport and the Austrian Airlines announced the beginning of cooperation More

03.02.2015 19:18
The park for extreme sports to be created in Odessa
The sketch project of the park complex for extreme sports was discussed at the initiative of the mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov at the City Council. The complex is going to be built in the park Lunniy More

29.01.2015 17:54
The Krut heroes memory honored in Odessa
Every year on January 29 the heroes of Krut are honored in Ukraine. Commemorative events were held and in Odessa. Picture story More

28.01.2015 19:20
Odessa retains the status of a city with a million-plus population
According to the Main Statistical Office in the Odessa region, the population of the city of Odessa on December the 1, 2014 year was 1,016,773 people More

27.01.2015 17:21
Holocaust victims memory honored in Odessa
Every year on January 27, to the day of Auschwitz liberation in 1945, the world commemorates the victims of  Holocaust. Commemorative events took place and in Odessa. Picture story More

26.01.2015 14:19
Odessa International Airport sums up the results of its work in 2014 year
In 2014 year Odessa International Airport entered the top airports in Ukraine More

23.01.2015 18:30
In Odessa rescuers lifted a man with 3-years old child from the floe
On the beach "Langeron" Employees of municipal institution "Rescue diving service of the Odessa City Council" rescued from the floe a 40 years old man with 3 years old girl More

23.01.2015 13:11
A photo exhibition dedicated to Odessa has been opened in Marseille
Photo exhibition "Marseille-Odessa: cross-view" has been solemnly opened in the city library of Marseille, and later it will be presented in Odessa More

23.01.2015 12:28
Young artists from Odessa have presented their works in the Hellenic Foundation for Culture
In Odessa Branch of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture has been opened an exhibition of children's art, dedicated to the traditions of Christmas and New Year celebration in Greece More

22.01.2015 15:47
Odessa celebrates the Day of Ukraine\'s Unity. Photo
On January 22, Ukraine celebrates the Unity Day. In Odessa was held a solemn ceremony of laying flowers to Taras Shevchenko monument. Picture story More

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