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/ Main / News / Ukrainian executive bodies press-secretaries acquainted with their American colleagues work

Placed: 24.09.2007 09:44:00

Ukrainian executive bodies press-secretaries acquainted with their American colleagues work

International standards of informational services’ work were discussed at the meeting of Ukrainian executive bodies’ press-secretaries in California (USA).

USA Federal Government has worked out a Program concerning partner relations of different states and world countries. California State is a partner of Ukraine. For several years, California National Guards Headquarters has been carrying out active work and delegations exchange with Ukrainian military structures.
At the moment, bilateral relations are turned into civil sphere and into the sphere of public relations of different governmental executive bodies.
On September, 9 – 15, 2007, meetings of Ukrainian governmental executive bodies’ press-secretaries with the representative of California State executive bodies’ informational services and depts. (Sacramento city, San Francisco, USA).
The Ukrainian delegation consisted of: Crimean Tatars Medjlis press-secretary (Simferopol), Ivano-Frankovsk City Mayor press-secretary, Armed Forces Headquarters Defense Dept representatives (Kiev City). Odessa was represented by the City Council Information Dept Deputy Head Yelena Varicheva.
During the official meeting with the CNG JGHQ representatives having organized this trip, acquaintance with California National Guard structure, its functions and goals, public relations and communication with mass-media dept work, mechanism of cooperation with the journalists and preparing the answers to the press’ official requests took place.

On September, 11, a meeting with the Californian Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s office’s informational services heads took place. During the meeting, the questions concerning the informational services’ work, innovations and difficulties, solving the problems participated by the mass-media, monitoring, comparison of the informational sphere legislative base of Ukraine and California State, Odessa City Official Site and the Municipal Mass-Media Support Program presentation were discussed.
That very day, informational services representatives took part in the Yellow Ribbon/9/11 remembrance ceremony.
During the meeting with Sacramento District Sheriff’s Dept Information Subdept representatives, the press-services’ heads got acquainted with the organization of 911 service work, cooperation with the mass-media, road patrol dept work.
During the meeting with Sacramento Region TCM by CHP personnel Director, the questions of the prisoners’ delivery and maintenance conditions (over 2000 persons), mass-media access to the dept’s profile questions.
Governing body and journalists of KFBK Radio and KCRA 3 Television Station got the guests acquainted with the organization of news collecting, live broadcast holding and special radio reports preparing, exchanged their experience of cooperation with the governmental executive bodies.
On September, 13, 2007, a meeting of the General Consul of Ukraine in California Nikolay Tochitskiy took place, During the meeting, the questions concerning the consulate’s work with the Ukrainian citizens at California State territory, preparations to the extraordinary elections to be held on September, 30, 2007, and the basic questions of Odessa City social and economic development. Besides, the materials concerning the monument to Holodomor victims in Los Angeles Citywere introduced.
During the meeting with San Francisco City Hall Communication Dept Head David Carrington Murray, the questions of cooperation with the journalists and the Mayor’s meetings with the mass-media organization were discussed.
 The information services representatives were offered to begin preparing the agreement concerning the partner relations between Odessa and San Francisco cities establishing since the cities are very much alike: both of them are situated at the seashore, they are both the ports and large tourist centers, the both cities’ population is ethnically varied. According to San Francisco Mayoralty’s representatives’ words, such a decision was taken into consideration and it will become an impulse for more detailed studying of Odessa as a partner city.

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