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The city-planning

How to build the coastal slopes?

In 2004 the long-term contract with the Greek firm «Mechanics Ukraine» about rent of the ground of a site has been signed - 20 hectares Feature of the project consisted of history of a question that the ground was allocated not somewhere, and on coastal slopes between Azarov's lanes and Krenkel street. That is in immediate proximity from the popular Odessa beaches. The erection of an improving complex, a park zone and of some other constructions was provided here. The firm at once listed the city budget 5 million hrivnas which went on repair of roads. Since 1995 «Mechanics Ukraine» is known to Odessa’s citizens when it started the construction of «the round house». In opinion of the management of the city, the project is successful. Now the firm continues works on an accomplishment of the Greek square, at its own expenses. Such attention to Odessa is not casual. Greeks consider Southern Palmyra as the second native land - the freedom movement on clearing Greece has begun from here.

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