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The Refutation

The Central state laboratory of veterinary medicine of the Ministry of an agrarian policy of Ukraine denies the information widespread by news agency IA— «LIGA» that the reason of destruction of 34 birds of the Odessa Zoo is fatal to the person a virus of «the bird's flu» H5N1.

 For the further researches the material is directed to one of English laboratories. «About disease by this infection of the person we have no data, therefore the reference that it» the virus fatal to the person - is, at least, «not proved conclusion, an invention or exaggeration of the mass-media», - has declared Abramov. In opinion of the scientist, at the moment there are no bases to approve, that the given virus can mutilated, that excludes an opportunity of the infection of that person. Any other treatment of the facts only provokes occurrence of hearings which can bring to negative social consequences. By telephone conversation with the employee of Management of the information of Odessa city council A.V. Abrams has noted, that, considering the importance of the given problem, the mass-media should abstain from publications of unchecked data.

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