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/ Main / News / The City of Sculptures is being created in Odessa. Photo

Placed: 09.01.2018 11:53:45

The City of Sculptures is being created in Odessa. Photo

Odessa sculptors create their own city of sculptures within the public budget. Photo

One of the winning projects of the Public Budget in 2017 became the project "City of Sculptures".
The project allows Odessa sculptors to realize their ideas, create and install original sculptural compositions, installations and art objects in Odessa.
For now a number of art objects have already been installed.
So, on the roof of the children's choreographic school was set installation-quaternion "Ballerina".
At the Military Descent, were installed the "Sphynx cats".
Nearby the children's playground on the Langeron have appeared 4 "Cars" and a pair of "Keds", designed to restrict cars from entering the green zone.
On the green area near the beach Langeron was also set a sculptural composition "Cat-lantern".
Were created and the other sculptures: "Odessa's Grandmother", "Snails" (3) Vladislav Bulgakov, "The Forgotten Toy", "The Bench-book (13), The Dreamer" and "The Cats" (3). Sculptures will soon be installed.






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