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The Odessa exhibition in Poland

The treasures of the Scythians have moved to Krakow from the Odessa Museum of Archeology.

The exhibition was opened in the National museum of Krakow on March, 17, and it will last till June, 2006

The unknown world of the ancient culture of Ukrainian people is opening now before Poles. Gold ornaments of the Scythians, utensils of a millennium B.C., the Greek coins, etc. - all these treasures was brought to Krakow by workers of the Odessa archaeological museum. This exhibition reminds to visitors about the place where these treasures have been found.

Entering into a hall, the visitor can see a tomb where the entrance is protected with the Scythian stone statues. Many exhibits have been found in the necropolises of the north-west coast of the Black sea where the Greek colonies were settled, and the nomads were dominated in the steppes.

The mixture of cultures is visible from these subjects. It made the sensation in the Polish scientific world.
From its 180-years history the Odessa Museum of Archeology has collected more than 170 thousand the invaluable treasures, but only a little more than 500 exhibits has arrived to Krakow,- the most valuable of them. Some exhibits are more than seven thousand years old.
The special interest will be caused by the miniature of a Scythian cart which was found on a territory of the modern city Kerch.
The opening of the exhibition was accompanied with the scientific conference on the last archaeological researches at the Black sea coast. The exhibition is also a small part of the greater project Krakow - Odessa.

The Year of Ukraine in Poland symbolically comes to the end, but as the organizers of the exhibition says - the mutual cultural opening is only begins.

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