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The Championship of Europe – 2012

Odessa has entered the struggle for the right to accept matches of the Championship of Europe – 2012. In this struggle for the tender of UEFA Odessa was supported with 19 twin-cities.

Odessa is included in the list of the cities of Ukraine applying for the right of the participation in the tender for acceptance of matches of the Championship of Europe – 2012.  
It was declared on March, 19 at the  press conference by the director of the executive management of the Ukraine Football Federation of  "Euro-2012" Ivan Fedorenko.
At the same time he has noted, that the opening of the Championship would take place in Warsaw, the ending - in Kiev, for acceptance of a semifinal or a quarterfinal the Odessa’s stadium should have not less than 40 thousand spectator places. In total – the 31 game will be playing. The first half will pass in Ukraine, the second - in Poland. In support of Odessa’s participation in the tender, 19 of the 25 Odessa's  twin-cities  have signed the letters to UEFA.
Let's remind, that on February, 4th, 2006 the Mayor of Odessa has disposed about the creation of the working group on the organization of the Odessa’s participation in the second stage of the UEFA tender on the right of carrying out the Championship of Europe–2012, on football. The head of the working group was appointed the first assistant of the city head – Anatoly Vorohaev.

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