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≤nternational cooperation

The proposals of cooperation with Israel were discussed with the delegation of Association of assistance to development and cooperation " Israel - Ukraine and the CIS countries " at Odessa city heads Edward Gurvits's meeting.
The delegation of investors from Israel is expected.


The offers of cooperation with Israel were discussed at the Odessa city Edward Gurvits's heads meeting with delegation of Association of assistance of development and cooperation " Israel - Ukraine and the CIS countries ", that was hold on April, 28th, 2006.

The president of Association Leon Tabakov transferred a greeting from mayor of Haifa to Odessa city head. He has highly estimated the results of staying of a group of the Israeli businessmen which were taking part in celebrations on the occasion of Odessa city Day in a Ukranian pre-sea city. Then it was possible to adjust many mutuall advantageous contacts.

This year will arrive one more group of visitors from Israel to Ukraine which searches for opportunities of the investment in development of an agriculture. Except for Odessa investors are supposed to visit Kiev, Donetsk and Kherson. They will take part in business-forums. " After carrying out in November, 2005, the session of the intergovernmental commission on economic cooperation between Israel and Ukraine, - prospects of cooperation have been certain and the bilateral Memorandum was signed.

Both parties have stated readiness to cooperate in areas of ecology, communications and communication, constructions, medicine, an agriculture and pharmacology.

The idea to use the partnership’s communications with Haifa for the possible investment in various projects in Odessa also was discussed during the meeting. It is supposed, in particular, that between Odessa and Haifa the intermunicipal commission and trading industrial chamber will be created. Besides the Israeli visitors have brought a package of proposals, the newest technologies devoted to use in agriculture, in the erection of cleaning constructions, etc.

Edward Gurvits, the Odessa city head, promised to Israel visitors, that to investors who will have desire to invest in realization of perspective projects and to work in Odessa, the favorable conditions for the partners searching will be created.

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