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International Relations

On the last April Sunday the world community has noted Day of the twin-cities.




This movement has arisen spontaneously within the Second World War. In 1944, the mayoralty of Vancouver has expressed the admiration of a heroic feat by odessits and suggested to be friends. However before the termination of the fascism crushing there wasn’t time for that, and then the other war – cold war has begun.
Only in 1957 Odessa had the first twin - city Oulu (Finland). Today the agreements about friendship and cooperation connect Odessa with 28 cities of the Europe, Asia, Africa, Northern America. Among them – the largest cultural, trading and industrial centre of India - Calcutta (Colcata).It was passed exactly 20 years from the agreement with this megacity have been signed.
As Konstantin Brujaka has noted, last years our friendly communications with Calcutta was not so closely. In any measure it is connected with the termination of activity of the General consulate of India in Odessa. Meanwhile there are much in common between our countries. And the further development of cooperation will undoubtedly go on advantage to inhabitants of both cities. Konstantin Brujaka has informed, that Edward Gurvits sent the letter to the mayoralty of Calcutta with the complete set of proposals on development of cooperation in the field of tourism, scientific and technical and cultural exchange, etc.



by Mariya Nikolaeva, "Odessa's messenger" ¹ 96-97 (3648-3649) from 27.04.2006

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