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Placed: 07.09.2006 13:41:40

International relations

The Odessa city head has accepted delegation that was led by the Odessa-Simferopol diocese of the Catholic church

Today, on September, 6th,  Catholic bishop Bronislav Bernatskiy with the delegation has visited our city.
Into structure of delegation also have entered: Victor Shchavinsky - operating affairs dioceses (chancellor) and Alexander Dobroer - a member of the parish’s council at temple of the Blessed Virgin’s Assumption.
Among the purposes of the visit:
- an opportunity of entering of an annual pray for the count Lanzheron which had buried in the Odessa Catholic cathedral, to the program of celebrating the Day of the city;
- the charitable project on protection of homeless both difficult children "Concordia" and the coordination of actions within the limits of the city program "Another's children does not happen";
- support of the initiative city heads on creation of Consulting advice of the religious-secular consent; - restoration of a cathedral to the address str. Ekaterininskaya, 33;
- the joint action "My native city", concerning a recreational zone in the area of beach "Lanzheron";
- creation of joint working group with participation of youth council of the city, management of the youth policy, family and tourism of the Odessa city council and representatives of curia with the purpose of increasing the tourist appeal of the city.
“The Catholic church is ready to cooperate with the authority of Odessa”, - has declared bishop Bronislav Bernatsky after meeting with the Odessa city head. He called the meeting as “constructive and fruitful for both parties”.

"The Catholic church wishes to cooperate with a city management. The present authority of Odessa does a lot for the positive development of a territorial bulk. Believers and the clergy of our church do not wish to stand apart from it and we can help with realization of many interesting ideas. I am extremely satisfied by the results of the lead meeting and I hope for continuation of dialogue ", has told bishop Bronislav Bernatsky.
Next week Odessa city head Edward Gurvits plans to visit the German city of Regensburg where’ll takes place, among other, his meeting with the Pope Benedikt the XVI.

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