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/ Main / News / Odessa. “Live chess” dramatic show photo report.

Placed: 13.09.2006 13:38:46

Odessa. “Live chess” dramatic show photo report.

Odessa grandmasters’ “Live chess” game took place on September, 10, on Dumskaya square in the network of the First international “Chess cruise” . PHOTO REPORT.

 Photos by Oleg Kutski.

Live chess game ended up with a draw
Odessa grandmasters’ Vladimir Tukmakov vs. Juriy Drozdovskiy ”live chess” game, which took place on September, 10, on Dumskaya square in the network of the First Odessa International “Chess cruise”, ended up with a draw, announces “Kontext-Prichernomorye” IA.

The grandmasters played Nemtsovitch defense, the draw was fixed after the eternal check.

The chess pieces were played by the young actors of the city dance groups. As the organizers estimated, the performance was observed by over 2 thousand spectators.

The First international “Chess cruise” was carried out onboard the “South Palmyra” motor ship from August, 28, till September, 2. The tournament was participated by 12 grandmasters of six world countries and was won by Vasiliy Ivanchuk, who scored 10 points of 11 possible.

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