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/ Main / News / Jazz carnival open in Odessa

Placed: 16.09.2006 16:00:33

Jazz carnival open in Odessa

Odessa jazz carnival was opened with a concert in City concert hall.
The Federal orchestra of Germany will offer Odessa a trip to different musical styles.

  Odessa jazz carnival was opened with a concert in the City concert hall. In the first concert day, the Odessites enjoyed the performances of Nikolay Goloshchapov’s big-band, duet of Uli Lenz and Francois Jannot, “The Shin” and “mWWm” bands.
Francois Jannot is a sax and flute player, composer, arranger, lecturer and a musical collective head. In music, he chose the road of free improvisation. His duet with Uli Lenz, one of the Europe’s most wanted jazz musicians, was a total success, transmits “Krug” IA.
A German-Georgian band “The Shin”, which is translated as “a road home”, is composed of Georgian musicians living in Europe. In their creative work, they combined Georgian folklore and jazz and called this new sounding “Iberic-Caucasian style”. The neo-shaman band “mWWm” of the Netherlands let the public enjoy their magic experiment.
The Federal jazz orchestra of Germany will offer Odessa a trip to different musical styles. The orchestra conductor Peter Herrbolzheimer announced this on September, 16, transmits “Context-Prichernomorye” IA.
“We will make a trip to different styles: Latin-American bossanova, modern youth jazz-rock and big-band swing a-la Count Basey. This is what unites us”, announced Mr.Herrbolzheimer.
According to the conductor’s words, his orchestra’s visit to Odessa is aimed am getting the Ukrainian public acquainted with the German jazz and improving contacts with the Ukrainian musicians.

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