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/ Main / News / The President of Ukraine promises to assist Odessa region development

Placed: 20.09.2006 12:31:58

The President of Ukraine promises to assist Odessa region development

National-cultural organizations festival in Bolgrad.
The President of Ukraine visits Odessa region.

The President of Ukraine promises to assist Odessa city and Odessa region development.  

A true theatric performance did await for the President of Ukraine at the time of his visit to Odessa region. Many people were stunned with the beauty of the national-cultural organizations regional festival in Bolgrad city. Victor Yushchenko spoke out his expectations concerning the present regional state administration head’s devoting special attention to saving the cultures and languages of the nations living currently in the region.

The state President pointed out that fulfilling the economical projects of assisting the Ukrainian Danube territory renewal is the topic of extra importance for Ukraine. It’s all about the active use of its transport and transit abilities.
Victor Yushchenko emphasized the necessity of the state sea gates and the key road and air junction conceptions use.
He said that it is absolutely possible to enact a lot of regional projects in Odessa region and that was why the local administration has to add dynamics into its decisions, because the investor has to feel himself comfortable and be sure that there are no bribery and corruption in the region – so, the administration has to be responsible. He also encouraged the administration to start working out the region development plans for the year 2007.

The State head named the HIV – AIDS spreading temps as a true problem for the region and emphasized the scarce need to develop some effective measures to counteract this negative phenomenon. This is also valid for the topic of the street urchins, which has a negative impact on the region’s image.
Victor Yushchenko announced that there is a chance to have a harmonized politics in both the center and the locations and a clear idea of the forthcoming years’ development program at the moment, so the administration has to listen up to the citizens’ demands and to become partners with the citizens.
In his interview to “Svoboda” radio, Odessa region state administration head Ivan Plachkov spoke out his hopes for the state’s assistance concerning the problems of investments attracting for the agricultural sector and region manufacture sector development.
The first deputy Odessa city mayor Anatoly Vorokhayev thinks, that the President’s visit will allow to solve a lot of the sea city’s problems. He emphasized the importance of the President’s visit to Odessa for all its citizens and stated that the Odessites are always glad to welcome the Head of the State in their city.

During the briefing for the journalists in Bolgrad city, Viktor Yushchenko has explained the staff changes having taken place in the President’s Secretariat. According to his words, a stage of effective cooperation between the President, Verkhovna Rada and the Administration regime forming is developing itself in Ukraine, so there is a scarce need in the people of the new generation. These people have to know the rules of such relations and be able to create them, emphasized the president.

The President’s of Ukraine Secretariat Head Viktor Baloga emphasized his seeing his new post’s aimed at providing all the directions of the state head’s work. He promised to provide all the necessary assistance concerning Odessa economic and investment development projects problems.

Igor Stolyarov, Odessa.



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