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/ Main / News / The 154th anniversary of Kiriak Kostandi the painter is celebrated in Odessa on October, 3

Placed: 04.10.2006 09:49:28

The 154th anniversary of Kiriak Kostandi the painter is celebrated in Odessa on October, 3

The 154th anniversary of Kiriak Konstantinovich Kostandi (1852 - 1912) the painter is celebrated in Odessa on October, 3. The painter was born in Dofinovka settlement and was lecturing in Odessa art college. The master taught I.I.Brodskiy, M.B.Grekov, A,A,Shovkunenko and many other prominent painters of his time. He was written abour by I.Ryepin and I.Ayvazovskiy, V.Stasov and I.Kramskoy, A.Nurenberg, etc.

Today, on October, 3, the 154th anniversary of painter Kiriak Konstantinovich Kostandi (1852 - 1912) is celebrated in Odessa.

Kiriak Konstantinovich Kostandi was born on October, 3 (September, 21), 1852, in Dofinovka settlement near Odessa in the family of the Greek emigrant Konstantin Konstantinidi Vasilketi. He died in 1921 in Odessa. 
At the age of 9 Kiriak Kostandi became fatherless and began working as a waiter in grocery store and a wine-cellar in Odessa. Since 1868 he was working as a retoucher in a photo studio.
He studied in Odessa arts community painting school (since 1870) and in St.-Petersburg Arts Academy  (1874–1882).
In 1885 he came back to Odessa to lecture in Odessa arts college and reveal his pedagogical talent.  
In 1887 he visited some Western European countries and was stunned with the French impressionism.
Since 1897 he was the "Travellers community" member, and since 1890 he became one of the members and founders of "Southern-Russian painters community", in 1892-1919 he headed this community.

After the revolution, he was working as the Ancient memorials' protection local commission expert and took part in Arts museum reorganizing, organized exhibitions

K.Kostandi painted mostly genre pictures of democratic plots having a great sympathy to the working class, and also landscapes and portrays.
His works feature a lot of Odessa environs landscapes, where the chilly, glamorous light element takes over the concrete vision. It is interesting, that, living not far from the sea though he was, Kostandi didn't paint any seascape.

Kostandi's genre pictures reflected the big art scenes "division" to the lyrical mood sketches, what was characteristic of his time::
"At the ill friend's", 1884;
"Into the crowd", 1885;
"Late twilight (Woman with a cow)", 1893;
"Early spring", 1896. 
Odessa art museum has two of Kostandi's paintings:
"Herdsman. The boy with geese", 1918, and  "Evening. The fiddler", 1919.
In 1922 the painter's students and friends (I.I.Brodskiy, P.G.Volokidin, M.B.Grekov, A.A.Shovkunenko and others) founded K.K.Kostandi Community, which united the painters of traditional style and moderate modernists. The Community existed until 1930.


Nowadays, there is a K.Kostandi Youth arts school #1 in Odessa, and also a street in Primorskiy district is named after him.

The day before this, the team of K.Kostandi Arts school  students won the first place for the best paintigs collection at the International "Evora-2006" contest, which took place in Portugal. According to schoold director Valeriy Tokar's words, the contest could be participated on invitation only, and Odessa K.Kostandi school was the only one in Ukraine having gotten that invitation.  
On October, 3, 2006, K.Kostandi Youth arts school celebrated its patron's Birthday.

"Kiriak Kostandi is our art conscience", - wrote the painter P.Nilus in 1910. Almost 100 years passed, but this feeling is still alive. Kiriak Konstantinovich Kostandi was born in 1852 in Dofinovka settlement near Odessa, and died on October, 3, 1921, in Odessa. He was written about by I.Ryepin and I.Ayvazovskiy, V.Stasov and I.Kramskoy. But the brightest and purest memoirs about The Teacher belong to the painter Amshey Nurenberg, the master of the other style, the friend of Mayakovskiy, Shagal, Falk - but still a person who managed to bring love to the first teacher through decades.


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