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/ Main / News / Russian Federation General Consul in Odessa given the exequatur

Placed: 04.10.2006 15:36:41

Russian Federation General Consul in Odessa given the exequatur

Handing of the document of consular work execution right took place yesterday in Kiev. Russian Federation General Consul in Odessa Alexander Grachov was given the exequatur by Ukraine Foreign Affairs deputy minister Nikolay Maymeskul.

Ukraine Foreign Affairs deputy minister Nikolay Maymeskul handed the exequatur to Russian Federation general Consul in Odessa Alexander Grachov. This was announced by Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers’ official site, transmits “Eurochoice”.
In his greeting, the deputy minister emphasized his being sure of A.Grachov’s appointment will give a new impulse to development of relations between Ukraine and Russia.
After the exequatur handing, an exchange of opinions on Ukrainian-Russian bilateral cooperation took place. It was decided, that the consulate has to face the problems of development of fruitful and mutually profitable relations in trading-economical, scientific-technical and humanitarian spheres on the regional level.
A.Grachov, 46, arrived to Odessa on June, 25. He’s taken the RF Consul post, which was earlier occupied by Felix Dolzhenok, who’s left the city because of cadence term end. Earlier, A.Grachov was heading Russian Federation Foreign Affairs first deputy minister’s staff. He’s been working in Great Britain, where his duty was to attract investments in his country’s economy.
Odessa consulate district consists of the regions of Odessa, Nikolayev, Kherson and Kirovograd.

Information: Consular exequatur is permission for the Consul to execute his duties in the defined Consular region at the territory of his stay state. It is given out by the destination country’s competitive bodies after showing the Consular patent as a special document or a special mark on the patent.

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