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/ Main / News / The International musical bike tourists Festival in Odessa on October, 5 - 8

Placed: 05.10.2006 15:11:28

The International musical bike tourists Festival in Odessa on October, 5 - 8

The International “Autumn Rock-n-roll 2006” musical bike tourists festival will take place in Odessa. The bikers column drive along Odessa streets is planned to take place on October, 7.

October, 5 – 8, 2006,
12 p.m. till 3 a.m.
The International “Autumn Rock-n-roll 2006”
 musical bike tourists festival.
The festival location is “Odessa cable” OAC stadium in the city industrial zone.
The fest is supposed to be participated by up to 1 000 persons.
The bikers column will drive along Odessa streets thanks to Odessa city mayor’s Decree:
October, 7, 2006:
- start - 12:00 a.m.;
- end -  4:00 p.m.
The route of the bikers column accompanied by a patrol car is as follows:
“Odessa cable” stadium – Nikolayevskaya road – Dniepropetrovskaya road – Paaustovskiy str. – Dobrovolskogo av. -  Nikolayevskaya road – Otaman Golovaty str. – Sofiyevskaya str. – Preobrazhenskaya str. – Deribasovskaya str. (40 min. stop) – Yekaterinenskaya str. – Potyomkintsev sq. – Monument to Duke de Richelieu (20 min. stop) – Primorskiy bd. – Dumskaya sq. – Pushkinskaya str. – Langeronovskaya str. – Opera theater – Rishelyevskaya str. – Privokzalnaya sq. – Kulikovo field (50 min. stop) – Sryednyefontanskaya str. – Tolbukhin sq. – Komarova str. – Admiralskiy av. – Chernyakhovskogo str. – 10th April sq. – Shevchenko str. – Pirogovskaya str. – Privokzalnaya sq. – Pushkinskaya str. – Bunina str.  – Polish descent – Primorskaya str. – Black sea Cossacks str. – Nikolayevskaya road – “Odessa cabel” stadium.
The festival manager is to guarantee the following:
- cleaning the territory after the festival.
- civil order keeping, firefighters, emergency and doctors’ brigade being on duty during the festival.
The festival holding is assisted by Odessa city council Youth and family policy dept.

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