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/ Main / News / Vacation in Odessa for children from Haifa

Placed: 17.10.2006 13:59:42

Vacation in Odessa for children from Haifa

On October, 16, 2006, Odessa city mayor Eduard Gurvits arranged a reception for the young people delegation from Haifa

Vacation in Odessa for children from Haifa
The recent military conflict of Israel and Hezbollah terrorist organization representatives disturbed the whole wide world. And Ukraine was no exception.
Odessa city mayor Eduard Gurvits directed an offer to provide leisure and recreation measures for a group of children having suffered from the bombardments to the mayor of Haifa sister city (Israel).  As an answer to this offer, a group of young people arrived to Odessa. During those sad days of the military conflict, they’ve been in the vanguard as volunteers.
During one week, the guests had an opportunity to have a real vacation in Odessa. The workers of Odessa city council departments did their best for the children’s impressions from visiting the Black sea city to be unforgettable.
Dozens of excursions were organized for the young citizens of Haifa. They visited Odessa Opera Theater, Odessa catacombs, “The 411th Battery” memorial complex, walked along the central streets of the coastal city, whose architecture they found really astonishing. A special excursion was dedicated to the work of Odessa city Jewish community. The meetings with the Jewish youth of the city were also very interesting and informative.
The trip to Uman city of Cherkasskaya region was also very important. Here, the guests from Haifa had a chance to appreciate not only a picturesque park and stunning nature, nut also one of the Jewish relics – the tomb of Rabbi Nachman.
The group of the young people from Haifa was also greeted by Odessa city mayor Eduard Gurvits on October, 16, 2006. The Mayor emphasized that the Odessites were sincerely glad to have the guests from Israel in their city and spoke out his hoping on the time the guys had spent in Odessa to has been pleasant. Looking at the young people, Eduard Gurvits recalled his having signed a sister cities relations agreement with Haifa ex-mayor over 15 years ago. Even today, Odessa and Haifa are bound not only by the signed agreements, but also by people and fates: the Jewish guests had an opportunity to walk along the streets named after the people who have done a lot for Israel and descended from Odessa.
It happened so, that a lot of Odessa citizens moved to Israel after the USSR collapse. There, they’ve found everything necessary to carry on, but they still remain Odessites.
Eduard Gurvits emphasized, that even now Israel is at the vanguard of the world struggle against terrorism and spoke out his hoping on the missiles’ falling on Haifa streets anymore and bounds’ between our cities developing and getting tighter.
Odessa city mayor received a lot of presents from the dear guest. These were books about Haifa and different souvenirs.
One of the Israel delegation members said afterwards, “We’re leaving for Haifa now not only in a good mood. We’ve a lot of impressions. We were really astonished by hostility of Odessa authorities and the citizens of the city generally”.

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