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/ Main / News / Steven Spielberg in Ukraine

Placed: 19.10.2006 14:40:26

Steven Spielberg in Ukraine

The world famous director Steven Spielberg visited Kiev on October, 18, to present his new project

On October, 16, the eminent American director Steven Spielberg was rewarded with Odessa city mayor’s Honorary Decoration for developing world movie industry, stating high humanistic ideals and tightening friendly relations between the people of Ukraine and USA.
According to the words of the World Club of Odessites President Leonid Ruckman, Spielberg origins from Odessa.
On October, 18, the founder of "USC Shoa Foundatіon Іnstіtute" foundation visited Kiev to attend the presentation and preliminary demonstration of Sergey Bukovski’s movie “Spell your name” produced jointly by Steven Spielberg and Victor Pinchuk.
They had discussed the very idea of the movie in 2004, and its presentation will take place today in Oktyabrskiy palace. The film-makers jointly with "Survіvors of the Shoah VHF" foundation, which was created by Spielberg, gathered and processed over 50 thousand video evidences by the people who managed to survive the German genocide. The movie by Bukovskiy features both the foundation archive recordings in Russian and Ukrainian languages and the new ones.
“Spell your name” gets the spectators acquainted with the evidences by the Jews, who survived the war and despite the deadly danger did save their friends, relatives and simply the people from fatal end. In the movie, special attention is drawn to the tragedy having taken place near Kiev in 1941, when the German invaders had executed over 100 000 Jews.
“I started Shoah simply because I wanted these survivors to have some place to tell their stories," explained Spielberg.
"When these survivors are no longer with us, their stories will be with my children, and they'll be teaching my children about the consequences of not reaching out and attempting to better get to know each other," said the director.
"I got off the plane today and said: 'I'M HOME!' Steven Spielberg said at the press event. "I have no good excuse for why this is my first visit. But growing up with his grandparents in the house, "I felt like I had a piece of Ukraine in my own home, especially at dinnertime," joked Spielberg.
As it is announced by Leonid Rukman, Steven Spielberg’s merit concerning Ukraine in general and Odessa in particular is his having immortalized the people who have died in the ghetto during the World War II. Approximately ten years ago, the director’s representatives gathered information about the survivors in Odessa, who provided evidences for the movie. Over 280 000 people have died in Odessa region during the German genocide.
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