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/ Main / News / The III International Piano competition in memory of Emil Gilels in Odessa

Placed: 25.10.2006 15:13:57

The III International Piano competition in memory of Emil Gilels in Odessa

The III International piano competition in memory of USSR National Artist Emil Gilels to started in Odessa. The art trial will be participated by the pianists from 13 world countries. The participants’ age ranges from 16 to 30.

On October, 24, the III International piano competition in the memory of USSR National artist Emil Gilels started in Odessa. The contest is fixed to Odessa’s prominent citizen 90th anniversary.
The concert is supervised by the rector of Odessa A.Nezhdanova Musical academy Alexander Sokol. According to his words, the contest qualifying stage featured 142 candidates, but only 51 persons were chosen to participate the concert. These are conservatoires students, musical schools and colleges students from 16 world countries, such as Russia, Byelorussia, Georgia, Armenia, Lithuania, France, Germany, USA, Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, while the 1st contest having taken place 5 years ago was participated by the representatives of only 4 countries.
The concert is participated by 5 Odessites: three Musical academy students, one Arts and Culture College student and one Stolyarskiy art school student.
The contestants have to pass three tours. During the two of them, the participants will be playing the Ukraine’s best “Steinway” grand piano having been presented to the Musical academy by the sponsor from Switzerland Tatiana Shindler.
The instrument will be tuned by one of the world’s best grand piano tuners from Switzerland Evald Probst. He volunteered to tune the grand piano free during the two-weeks-long contest.
The 3rd tour participated by the symphonic orchestra conducted by Hobart Earl will take place in the Philharmonic. The contestants have to play work by Emil Gilels and the “Ukrainian capriccio” by Vladimir Ptushkin having been written especially on occasion of the contest.
The winner of the III International piano competition will be given a prize of $10 000, the second place prize is $ 5 000, and the bronze medal goes with $ 3 000.
The international Jury of the competition is headed by Eugeny Mogilevsky, pianist, Professor of Brussels Royal Conservatoire. He was born in Odessa and his parents were Professors of Odessa State A.Nezhdanova Conservatoire.
The members of Jury, representing USA, France, China, Greece and many other countries emphasize, that the Academy’s Large ballroom is one of the Europe’s best ballrooms considering its acoustics.
The pictures by Igor Permyakov from Russia ordered by Odessa musical academy have just arrived. These are the oil-painted pictures of Constantine Dankevich, Emil Gilels, David Oystrach, Olga Blagovidova and the new portrait of Antonina Nezhdanova to decorate the Academy.
The III International piano competition will last until November, 4, 2006.  
Emil Gilels has graduated from Odessa Conservatoire, the class of Reignbald. In 1933 the sixteen-years old Emil became the winner of the first All-Union Competition of Musicians-performers. Having graduated from Odessa Conservatoire, Gilels decided to go to Moscow to H.G. Neygauz. In 1938 Gilels gained a brilliant victory on Brussels where there was held the International competitionm of pianists in memory of Eugene Izai. In 1946, he got the rank of National Artist of USSR. Emil Gilels is the honorary member of London Royal Music Academy, of the National Academy “Santa Cecilia” (Rome) and of Music Academy of Liszt (Budapest).
The holding of the 1st International competition in memory of the brilliant musician in his motherland Odessa 5 years ago was initiated by the rector of A.Nezhdanova Musical academy Alexander Sokol. The participants’ age ranges from 16 to 30.

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