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/ Main / News / Siemens Ukraine SE representatives visited Odessa mayor

Placed: 01.11.2006 09:23:41

Siemens Ukraine SE representatives visited Odessa mayor

On October, 31, 2006 Odessa city mayor Eduard Gurvits received the group of “Siemens Ukraine” SE representatives headed by “Siemens AG Ukraine” President and CEO Ms. Andrea Raffaseder. Photos.

The businessmen claimed their visit to be aimed at acquaintance and defining the perspectives of solving the problems the city faces.

Ms. Andera Raffaseder informed Odessa city mayor of the main work directions “Siemens” SE is developing in Ukraine.
Siemens, having been founded 158 years ago, is traditionally active in the spheres of informatics and communication, automation, energetic, transport, medicine, lighting technologies.

During the last decades, the company’s significance at financial services and realty management market has noticeably increased.
Ms. Raffaseder emphasized Odessa’s being extremely attractive to invest into considering the projects aimed at city infrastructure development, including complex waste recycling, city lighting and traffic management modernization.
The delegation got interested in “Odessa” International airport oncoming reconstruction problem, having offered different options and models of Siemens SE taking part in it.
As a result of the meeting, both sides agreed to continue the dialogue.
Photos by Oleg Kurtski.

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