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/ Main / News / EURO CITY Youth culture festival took place in Odessa

Placed: 30.10.2006 10:09:49

EURO CITY Youth culture festival took place in Odessa

On October, 29, 2006, EURO CITY Youth culture festival took place in Odessa

To assist the social youth initiatives, organize informative leisure time for youth, popularize Odessa as the unique cultural-artistic center of Ukraine, the youth culture festival took place in Odessa on October, 29, 2006.
The festival gained support from Odessa city council Youth and Family Policy Dept.

The festival was held in the network of “Odessa – the European traditions city” project on occasion of Odessa’s having become the “Eurocities” organization associated member. It was aimed at the youth feeling itself one with Europe and becoming involved in the European treasure.
The festival featured:
Graffiti contest. The City Garden is used to presenting artists’ pictures, but there have never been such pictures here! The contest is participated by Odessa’s leading writers. The fence of the City Garden was used for the contest. Odessa writers had a chance to express their image of and feelings towards European integration.
Graffiti is a way to appeal to the whole world and a message to the society from the progressive youth. In Europe, graffiti on political and social topics is widely spread and well developed, it’s a certain mean to influence the system and get out of it.
*Break-dance, hip-hop, R’n’B – the show and the contest program set a rhythm to the whole festival!
Besides, the festival provided Odessa citizens with all the necessary information on Ukraine’s European integration, EU and the history of Odessa’s relations with Europe.
The festival was organized by “Face to face” social organization and gained support from Odessa city council Standing Commission of Youth and Sports Affairs and “Vidrodzhennya” (“Renaissance”) International fund.

For more information mailto:facetoface@gt.com.ua

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