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/ Main / News / Odessa on old postcards unique album published

Placed: 09.11.2006 15:30:45

Odessa on old postcards unique album published

The fullest unique “Odessa on old postcards” old Odessa photos album, which has no analogues, is published. 416 pages of full-color album feature 1200 old city photos. The album’s been formed by the collection owner, Odessa collectors’ union honorable member, Ukraine’s honorary philatelist Anatoliy Drozdovskiy.

« Odessa on old postcards».

Such is the name of the unique album having been published in “Moryak” (“Sailor”) editorial, which has no analogues in the world.


The albums been formed by the collection owner, Odessa collectors’ union honorable member, ’s honorary philatelist Anatoliy Drozdovskiy.


Collectors are very ardent.

This special trait is seen from their very childhood, when they are collecting matchboxes, stamps, coins, cigarette packs.


And it wasn’t different for the Odessite Anatoliy Drozdovskiy.

As he grew older, this ardency turned out to be being improved by the interest to the native city history having been cultivated by his parents.


From his very childhood, Anatoliy was listening to the stories of his dad, having been studying in Odessa pre-revolutionary gymnasium #4; his granddad, having served in Odessa post office foreign department; his grandma, the city’s most famous midwife, having graduated St.-Petersburg Higher medicine college for women. In the family, loving respect to the old days was being cultivated.

All of these led to Anatoliy Drozdovskiy’s feeling a deep passion for pre-revolutionary postcards with Odessa photos after having seen them at friend’s. Since then and for 30 years more, every abroad trip of starting-repair department engineer, Odessa travel and excursions agency group leader, even with his son, a young chess-player, while accompanying him to the competitions, led to the other cities’ collectors’ clubs, antique and book collectors’ shops. So, one of Odessa ’s largest philatelist collection having over 300 storage elements was formed.

Because of his being a curious person, Anatoliy was thoroughly studying

his postcards not only from the picture side, but also from the address one, where the post stamp was. So, the fascinating philatelist collection demonstrating Odessa post history starting from XVIII century pre-stamps envelopes and ending with the post-war post deliveries appeared. “From history of Odessa ’s post” exposition has gained rewards of the All-Soviet, Ukrainian and world philatelist exhibitions for many times.

Odessa on old postcards” Drozdovskiy’s exhibition has decently demonstrated Odessa collectors’ union on Odessa days in the Italian

sister city Genoa. A great interest was initiated by “Things that don’t exist. Odessa ’s lost architecture” beautiful exposition having been organized in 1987 in the Book House central building on

Deribasovskaya street

A. Drozdovskiy was the first to introduce a solid collection of different monuments and different confessions’ cult buildings having been destroyed or demolished either by time or by the Soviet government to public. The greatest Kiev museums – Kiev historical museum and ’s National Historical museum – provided the collector from Odessa with their exhibition halls for his “Russian modern art” and “Easter postcard history” exhibitions. In 2003, a wall calendar having been prepared by A.Drozdovskiy was published in “Druk” (“Print”) editorial.

And now, the fullest album of the old Odessa is published and there is no doubt it will attract interest of those being fond of our city’s history. 416 pages of full-color album feature 1200 old city photos. The book weighs 2 300 gr. The texts were compiled by the collector’s wife and comrade E.A. Krasnova, who’s also fond of the city history and who is the co-author of many of his works.

The new Odessa ’s album is to be renowned as one of the best among the analogical editions.


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