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/ Main / News / Letter of Intent signed between Odessa mayor, Nordic Investment Bank and Nordic Environment Finance Corporation

Placed: 15.11.2006 13:26:55

Letter of Intent signed between Odessa mayor, Nordic Investment Bank and Nordic Environment Finance Corporation

On November, 14, 2006, the meeting of Odessa city mayor Eduard Gurvits and the representatives of Nordic Investment Bank and Nordic Environment Finance Corporation took place

Odessa city mayor Eduard Gurvits carried out a meeting with the representatives of NIB and NEFCO. The meeting was aimed at discussing Odessa city administration’s cooperation with these two financial institutions in the sphere of Odessa’s central district heating systems reconstruction and the latest energy-saving technologies introduction.
The discussion was participated by:
Odessa city deputy mayor A.A. Solyanik;
International relations, European integration and Odessa diaspora affairs Departmenthead O.A. Dolzhenkov;
“Odessa city heating” (“Teplosnabzhenije goroda Odessy”) CE Chairman V.N. Pyatov;
NIB Senior Manager Jacob Klingemann;
NEFCO Senior Investment Manager Torben Vindeløv;
NIB Legal Adviser Frederik Lindblom.
The planned special-rate credit, necessary for the latest energy-saving technologies introduction in heating sphere, was preliminarily estimated to be € 25 mln.

According to the Western businessmen’ estimation, if the project is efficiently agreed with the Finance ministry, the project documentation development could be started this year, and the reconstruction itself – in summer 2007.
Eduard Gurvits confirmed his being interested in the project’s preparatory stage efficient completion, “We can’t hope on the governmental support, that’s why out strategic plans feature Odessa’s central district heating systems reconstruction on our own”.
Signing the Letter of intent, which includes the Conditions of Bank’s crediting the investment project and the Plan of its realization, became the main result of the meeting having been carried out. 
In the short interview, having been given to the journalists after signing the Letter of Intent, Jacob Klingemann emphasized, that he considers reaching such an agreement in just a few weeks after having signed the network agreement of cooperation between NIB and the state of Ukraine to be a great success.

The Nordic Investment Bank (NIB)
is a multilateral financing institution established by the five Nordic countries, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Since 2005, also the Baltic countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, are owners of the bank. NIB offers their customers (businesses and organizations within both public and private sector) long-term loan financing at competitive conditions. NIB can contribute both in- and outside the Nordic region. The bank is mostly involved in projects sited in the Baltic- and the Barents region. Investments contributing to improvement of the environment have particular high priority. At the time NIB is taking part of the financing of projects in more than 35 countries all over the world.

Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO)
is an international financial institution that finances environmental projects in Central and Eastern European countries. The purpose of NEFCO's activities is to generate positive environmental effects in the project country and thereby also for the Nordic area. Generally projects are implemented through participation in an enterprise and the emphasis is on various kinds of direct investments, public-private partnerships and corporatized public services. NEFCO co-operates among others with the national environmental assistance programmes of the Nordic countries. NEFCO also administers the Nordic Environmental Development Facility, under which concessional funding is channelled to priority environmental projects in the neighbouring areas to the Nordic countries.

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