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/ Main / News / In 2013, «MASSALIA» stele in honor of the Sister City Marseilles to be introduced in Odessa

Placed: 17.10.2012 11:02:19

In 2013, «MASSALIA» stele in honor of the Sister City Marseilles to be introduced in Odessa

«MASSALIA» sculptural composition will become a present to Odessa from Marseilles on occasion of the 40th anniversary of establishing the Sister Cities relations.

Several years ago, French architect Michel Perloff, with the support of “Alliance Française” French Cultural Center, suggested to create “MASSALIA” symbolic stele in Marseille’s Sister City Odessa. The name of the composition refers to the classical Greek name of Marseilles. According to the architect, the composition will become the symbol of the single origin of the two sister cities. The very idea of the Frenchmen has been taking positively, but has not been promoted further than a single sketch.


In 2012, the negotiations resumed. At the time being, the pre-project works are finished. As it was announced by Odessa City Deputy Mayor Yelena Pavlova, it is agreed that the sculpture in honor of the 40th anniversary of establishing the Sister Cities relations between Odessa and Marseilles will be installed in Suvorovskiy District of the city.


“Originally, it’s been planned to install the stele at French Boulevard, but then we’ve all agreed that the new monument should decorate Marseille Street. A unique fresco, made of colored glass and decorated with mosaic and artistic letters formed of enamored couples, is the basis of the monument. The Marseille side will present this fresco, which will b produced in Italy, to Odessa. From our side, we take the improvement of the territory upon ourselves”, emphasized Mrs. Pavlova.


At the time being, the projects papers are being prepared. In December, the Marseille Municipality will solve the financing and management questions, and in 2013, the monument will have its place in Odessa.




In 2013, Marseilles would become an informal European cultural capital. The Old World’s largest ethnographic center, “Mediterranean Sea’s Civilizations and Cultures” Museum, will be introduced in the city, and one of the first exhibitions will be dedicated to Marseilles’ Sister City - Odessa.

Besides, a creation of this exposition in Marseille’s museum isn’t the only cultural event in the both cities’ life. Numerous actions will be held in the network of this significant event: festival of mute movies and first movies having been shot at Odessa Cinema Studio, non-Soviet movies about Odessa festival, Odessa cuisine festival in Marseilles, a row of art and photographic exhibitions scientific meetings and discussions etc.

On top of that, the French film directors plan to take part in Odessa Movie Festival the next year. And in April, the anniversary 10th “French Spring” Movie Festival will be held in Odessa with the support of the French Embassy.





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