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/ Main / News / Ukraine to shift to winter time this month

Placed: 17.10.2012 11:48:59

Ukraine to shift to winter time this month

On the night of October 28, 2012, Ukraine will shift to winter time.

At 4 a.m. of October 28, 2012, the hands of the watches will be moved one hour backward.




Annual transition to "winter" and "summer" time is practised in over 100  world countries. In some of them, the transition date of defined according to the regional traditions.

The watches are traditionally reset to summer time the last Sunday of March. 


 The first "summer" time transition in USSR took place in 1917. Since 1996, "summer time" was prologed till the last Sunday of October according to UNO European economic commission's recommendation.

In our country, the first shift to “summer time” took place in 1917, and it has been taking place in USSR regularly since 1981. Ukraine stuck to this tradition in 1991. Until 1996, “winter time” has been being introduced on the last Sunday of September. After, the government decided to synchronize the watches’ hands’ shifting with the most of the European countries.
“Winter” and “summer” times shifts were introduced in England in 1908, and were aimed at economy and more rational distribution of electric energy during the day. Nowadays, over 110 world countries shift their watches to “winter” and “summer” times. In 1996, “summer” time was prolonged until the last Sunday of October according to UNO European Economic Commission’s recommendation. This decision grounds on the medical, biological and economical investigations having been carried out in different world countries.
This shift allows to decrease energetic duty and improve the ecological state, guarantees stable work of the country’s common energetic system, transport loads flow and connections co-ordination, TV and radio broadcasting organization.

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