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/ Main / News / Odessa Zoo welcomed its new pets. Picture story

Placed: 22.10.2012 11:08:41

Odessa Zoo welcomed its new pets. Picture story

Skunks from Nikolayev Zoo became the first «live» present for Odessa Zoo’s 90th anniversary. Picture story.

The last week, Odessa Zoo welcomed its new replenishment – a pair of skunks from Nikolayev Zoo.

“Skunk is a representative of the weasel family, it lives mainly in the New World. This animal is famous all around the world, and even little kids know about its ability to fend for itself with a very unpleasant smell. And of course, Odessa Zoo wanted to have a pair of legendary skunks, too. Our newcomers live in a spacious aviary now, they are healthy, comfortable and cheerful, and eat actively. We hope very much to get a posterity of these wonderful little animals the next year”, said Odessa Zoo Director Igor Byelyakov.


By the end of this year, Odessa Zoo’s collection will be renewed eventually. The replenishment will take place thanks to the “live” presents for Odessa Zoological park’s 90th anniversary having been celebrated on September 8 – 9, 2012. Moscow Zoo will congratulate Odessa with flying dogs, a pair of Siberian unicorns and South-American pigs will become a present from Kharkov Zoo. Odessa Zoo management plan that all the newcomers will receive constant Odessa registration and win love and affection of all the visitors by he end of this year.





At the time being, Odessa Zoo’s collection is recognized as one of the best in Ukraine. It counts over 1 500 fishes of 78 species, 45 amphibians, 108 reptiles of 30 species, one of the country’s best birds collection and Ukraine’s only predatory birds collection.

Besides, Odessa zoo is a home to 36 animal species recorded in the Red Book, 42 animal species recorded in the European Red List and 21 animal species recorded in Ukraine’s Red Book.





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