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/ Main / News / Odessa is the only Ukrainian city being the member of the International «Danube Competence Center» Organization

Placed: 26.10.2012 11:05:09

Odessa is the only Ukrainian city being the member of the International «Danube Competence Center» Organization

On October 24, Odessa welcomed the representatives of the International «Danube Competence Center» Organization.

“Danube Competence Center” is an international organization, the activity of which is aimed at developing the Danube region, carrying out joint international initiatives and events in order to increase tourism rate. At the time being, 10 Danube region countries are the members of DCC, and Odessa is the only Ukrainian city that is the member of DCC, too (since 2010).


“Odessa is a connecting link between Ukraine and the DCC countries. And we have many common interests: marketing and promotion of the economical and touristic projects and products, participation in European grants. “Danube Competence Center” was the organization that helped Odessa to be maximally presented at the International Touristic Exhibition in Berlin”, emphasized Odessa City Deputy Mayor Yelena Pavlova.


In the network of the official meeting with DCC Project Manager Danko Kosich, having been held in Odessa, the organization’s new touristic portal was presented. The portal is aimed at promoting the Danube region countries, including Ukraine.


“In a month, DCC site will be launched. Danube.travel portal will provide information about the cities, state and private organizations, Danube region cities’ touristic agencies, and surely, we will present Odessa’s touristic possibilities at the fullest. Besides, there is a chance to finance local business programs together with DCC, and we have things to offer”, said Odessa City Council Culture and Tourism Dept Head Tatiana Markova.


In Spring 2012, Odessa City Council Culture and Tourism Dept Head Tatiana Markova became a member of DCC’s board of directors. During this year, Odessa took part in submitting documents to receive a grant from DCC organization.

At the time being, negotiations are being carried out concerning Odessa’s taking part in ITB-2013 Exhibition (Berlin, Germany) together with “Danube Competence Center”.









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