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/ Main / News / Diving center for physically challenged citizens to be created in Odessa

Placed: 03.12.2012 11:21:17

Diving center for physically challenged citizens to be created in Odessa

In the network of the municipal «Equality» Program, a diving club for the citizens having serious health issues will be built at Odessa’s shore.

At the time being, a lot of attention is devoted to solving the problems of the physically challenged citizens of Odessa. In the network of the municipal “Equity” Program, Odessa City Council together with “Odessa Basket” Invalids’ Sports Club management are successfully carrying out the project of building a diving club for the people having serious health issues at Odessa seashore.


Odessa’s physically challenged persons in wheelchairs, who are the members of “Odessa Basket” Sports Club, attend a specialized diving center at Tarkhankut (Crimea), and so it was decided that a club of a kind should be created in Odessa, too, since diving is a great method of medical, social and psychological rehabilitation of the physically challenged people, and especially for the ones on wheelchairs.


A unique project has been developed. A traverse has been allocated in “Russia” Sanatorium district, in order for it to be modernized to meet the demands of the physically challenged people on wheelchairs. The necessary construction works have already been carried out, and the special equipment for diving, allowing the physically challenged person to descend right down to the bottom of the sea with an instructor, will be manufactured, too.


The center will be ready to welcome its first visitors in the beginning of the new resort season.





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