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/ Main / News / Odessa delegation visited the Sister City of Warsaw

Placed: 19.12.2012 14:06:58

Odessa delegation visited the Sister City of Warsaw

On December 10 – 12, at the invitation of the Polish side, Odessa delegation visited the sister city Warsaw. PICTURE STORY.

The delegation consisted of the head of Odessa City Ecology and Recreational Areas Dept Igor Dyerboglav, Odessa Zoo Director for Science and Strategic Development Igor Belyakov, Zoo’s Research Department Head Olga Pavlova, and the Zoo’s senior veterinarian Petr Kostka.

The visit was aimed at studying the experience of the Warsaw Zoo and the municipal Environmental Protection Dept of the Polish capital.

The members of the delegation received an opportunity to get acquainted with the structure and working methods of the Environmental Protection Dept in Warsaw, look through the collection of animals, structure their content, the approach of the Warsaw specialists to attracting the visitors and the conditions of the animals exchange between zoos.

"There is an agreement between Odessa and Warsaw Zoo on multilateral cooperation in various fields: scientific cooperation, animals exchange to enrich collections, joint programs for the breeding of rare species, exchange of delegations and staff, the young naturalists etc.
On top of that, Warsaw Zoo director, Mr. Andrzej Krushevicha, agreed on providing us with modern projects of various exhibition sites in order for us to adapt to our environment and to implement the Program Odessa Zoo Reconstruction and Development" – said Odessa Zoo Director for Science and Strategic Development Igor Belyakov.

Members of Odessa delegation expressed their gratitude to the Polish side for the warm welcome, the attention and the opportunity to exchange experiences in order to enhance cooperation and implement the scheduled joint plans.



















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