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/ Main / News / Beaches renewal and development program presented in Odessa city council

Placed: 07.12.2006 14:06:33

Beaches renewal and development program presented in Odessa city council

The beaches renewal and development program having been presented covers the territory from Langerone beach till Big Fountain’s 16th station

The representatives of Van Oord Company of the Netherlands, which is the leader of consortium including Alkyon and Ecorys firms, were the main speakers at the presentation.
Jointly with the city council executive committee, the specialists from the Netherlands have performed an investigation of Odessa beaches renewal and development possibility, have carried out a functioning analysis and formulated the offers of improving the city coastal fortification system.
The investigation works were carried out in PESP project network. The bathymetric investigations, as well as the relevant information collecting, was paid for by the city council, and all the other works were covered by the Government of the Netherlands and Van Oord company financing.
The executive committee was offered six different schemes, from which the only one to fully meet the today’s demand will be chosen.
The project having been presented covers the beaches territory in the center of the city from Langerone district till the Big Fountain’s 16th station. On top of all that, the project features alluvion of 21 ha of soil to create the artificial peninsulas that could be used for cottage and many-storied building.
According to Ecorys firm specialists’ estimation, the approximate cost of city beaches alluvion and coastal fortification system reconstruction (excluding the new territories alluvion) will feature €8.5 mln.
After having analyzed each scheme’s forecasted financial and economical results, the Dutch arrived at a conclusion that the beach zone development program is a highly worthwhile one.
The presentation was participated by Odessa city deputy mayor Mikhail Kuchuk, who has expressed his gratitude to the Dutch hydrotechnicians for the work having been carried out.
The Van Oord Company has gained a great experience and owns over a hundred of modern specialized vessels. The most famous projects having been performed by the Dutch feature artificial territories alluvion in many world countries, including Dubai (UAE). The headquarters of Van Oord Company are situated in Rotterdam, and one of its affiliated societies operates in Ukraine.

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