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/ Main / News / Unique beauty contest among the vision disabled ladies took place in Odessa

Placed: 08.12.2006 09:02:07

Unique beauty contest among the vision disabled ladies took place in Odessa

The V International “Miss Hope” beauty contest among the vision disabled ladies took place in Odessa

On December, 2, the V International “Miss Hope” beauty contest among the vision disabled ladies took place in Odessa regional Russian Drama Theater with the support of Odessa Mayoralty.

The contest was participated by the ladies from and representatives of and .

The contest program featured pass in evening dress, business suit and ballroom dress.

The participants demonstrated their talents.

All of the contestants became the winners in one of the nominations and received memorable gifts.

“Miss Hope - 2006” – Vanika Yeranosyan gained a valuable prize from “Medvis” CLL General Director.

The contestants having occupied the 1st and 2nd place were presented modern mobile phones from “Kyivstar” Company.

The contest’s concert program was participated by the youth art self-organization collectives.

 Taking part in the contest allows the ladies to realize their talents, gain self-affirmation and self-reliance. The ladies show an outstanding example of overcoming pity towards themselves, being a woman – a beautiful and charming one – anyway.

As a proof of the great attention devoted to the problem of the physically disabled persons in Odessa and , the contest is to improve Odessa’s and ’s positive image growth.

”Miss Hope” contestants list

Poyatsika Yekaterina -
«Miss Hope» 1st place.
Сountry: Odessa region, Avangard cts.
Turn: “Snow” song + violin.

Аvramenko Anna - «I Vice-Miss» 2nd place.
Сountry: , Kharkov city.
Turn: “Flower of Love” song (bandura).

Кuchura Nadezhda – «II Vice - Miss» 3rd place.

Сountry: , Nikolayev region.
Turn: “Sometimes” song.

Kharitonchuk Yekaterina – “Miss Spectators’ Sympathy”.

Сountry: , Odessa city.
Turn: Verse.

Hua Thin – “Miss Elegancy”.

Сountry: , Chin Khai.

Nguen Tien – “Miss Tenderness”.

Сountry: , Hue .

Yakibyuk Olga – “Miss Photogenic” .

Сountry: , Ivano-Frankovsk city.
Turn: Verse.

Dybchenko Anastasia – “Miss Affinity”.

Сountry: , Odessa city.
Turn: “Let the Hope Live” song.

Lungul Yelena – “Miss  Fascination”.

Сountry: , Odessa region, Sarata cts.
: Oriental dance.

Filipova Maria – “Miss Charm”.

Сountry: , Odessa city.
Turn: Oriental dance.

Аntonyuk Alyona – “Miss Poetic”.

Сountry: , Odessa region,

Tatarbunarskiy district, Vishnyovoye s.
Turn: Verse.

Маrtynuyk Anna – “Miss Romantic”.

Сountry: , Odessa region,

Razdelnyanskiy district, Balkovo s.
: “Value Happinessverse.

tlyarova Olga – “Miss Mystique”.

Сountry: , Nikolayev city.
Turn: Verse.

Gasenko Vera – “Miss Smile”.

Сountry: , Vinnitsa region, Tulchin city.
Turn: “Over Four Seas” song.

Кurchevich Inna – “Miss Grace”.

Сountry: , Nikolayev region.

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