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/ Main / News / Holocaust victims’ memory honored in Odessa

Placed: 28.01.2013 16:51:31

Holocaust victims’ memory honored in Odessa

In memory of the Holocaust victims, flowers were laid to the Memorials, exhibitions and performances are held in Odessa.

Since 2012, Holocaust Victims’ Memory Day is an official mourning day in Ukraine.

On January 24, 2013, “Visa for Life. Diplomats who Were Saving Jews” photo exhibition and movie was introduced in Odessa Jewish Cultural Center.

On January 25, “On the Other Side of the Line” exhibition was introduced in “Beit Grand” Jewish Cultural Center.

On January 27, 2013, measures participated be the former prisoners of ghettos and concentration camps, representatives of the Jewish and social organizations and the municipal and regional authorities were held in Odessa.
The participants of the meeting honored the memory of Holocaust victims with the solemn ceremony of laying wreaths and flowers to the memorial.
The place where Prokhorovskiy Square is situated at the moment has been called the Road of Death during the World War II. The Nazi have been sending children, old men and women to the death camps from here.
At the meeting, Odessa City Mayor Alexei Kostusyev emphasized the necessity of fighting every manifestation of xenophobia in general and anti-Semitism in particular.

At the same day, “We Were Searched by Germans and Dogs” performance was held in “Beit Grand” Jewish Cultural Center, too.

In the city’s schools, thematic classes are being held, and book thematic book exhibitions are held in the city’s libraries.

















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