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/ Main / News / New Year on Dumskaya square

Placed: 17.12.2006 09:39:13

New Year on Dumskaya square

Odessa is going to celebrate the New Year on a grand scale

is going to celebrate the New Year on a grand scale

Until December, 23, the installation and decoration of the New Year Tree on Dumskaya square is planned to be finished.

The Tree, the New Year concert stage and the City Hall building will be decorated and illuminated in a big way.

The celebration begins on December, 31, 2006, at 8 p.m. and ends on January, 1, 2007, at 3 a.m.

Odessa city council Culture and Arts Department prepared the “New Year on Dumskaya square” festive concert program that features:

• romantic trips for two drawing;

• apartment for a young family drawing;
• performances by Alyona Vinnitskaya and “Druga Rika” band;
• simultaneous appearance of 100 Santa Clauses;
• Firework.

The New Year performance will be held on a podium installed by the Main New Year Tree of Odessa. Everything that happens will be displayed on a huge screen (24 sq. m.). The catapult and the lototrone, installed by the stage, will be the main attributes for the presents drawing.
Romantic trips for two drawing, carried out each half an hour by the city’s famous tourist agencies, will be the main intrigue of the program’s first part.

The program’s second part will start with greeting by Odessa city mayor Eduard Gurvits and apartment for a young family drawing.

Each concert block of the program will be satiated with mass vocal, choreographic and circus turns demonstrating the traditions and culture of the countries, which will be visited be the happy owners of the trips . Nevertheless, the “ Odessa motive” will be the dominant one in the New Year celebration program: humorous reprises, sketches and small performances.

The Odessa citizens will have an opportunity to greet the Snow Queen, play magic snowballs, laugh with Benya Krik and Ostap Bender, listen to the famous singer Alyona Vinnitskaya.

During the New Year celebration, an open-air restaurant at Primorskiy blvd (from the City Hall building till Vorontsovskiy palace) will be available.

100 Santa Clauses will be treating everybody with champagne.

The firework and the dancing marathon will be a worthy decoration of the fest/

Passenger transport will be functioning from 8 p.m. of December, 31, 2006, till 8 a.m. of January, 1, 2007.

For more information please contact Odessa city council Culture and Arts Department:

Ph.: +3 (8048) 723-83-70; 723-02-98.

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