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/ Main / News / Best gymnasium couple chosen in Odessa’s Primorskiy District

Placed: 20.03.2013 15:58:49

Best gymnasium couple chosen in Odessa’s Primorskiy District

Odessa’s diplomatic missions’ representatives became the judges of the city’s Primorskiy District’s Best Gymnasium Couple Contest.

The Best Gymnasium Couple Contest has been held in Odessa annually for over ten years. It is aimed at developing the artistic aptitudes and esthetic taste, and also to form their active life position, too. 

The pupils of 10th and 11th forms were competing in artistry, charming skills, grace, attractiveness and the skill of creating and presenting their image.
The contest program consisted of three stages: “Let’s Get Acquainted…”, “The Fairytale Heroes Speak…” and “I Want to Invite You for a Dance…”.

The jury of the contest, featuring Consul General of Romania Mr. Emil Rapcea, Consul General of the Republic of Georgia Mr. Teymuraz Nishnianidze and Israel Embassy Representative Yuliya Dor, chose the best couple.


Anastasia Ignatyeva amd Zarandia Paata became the Best Couple, while Maria Alyoshkina and Alexander Todorov were recognized to be the Most Charming Couple.





Maria Alyoshkina and Alexander Todorov




Anastasia Ignatyeva and Zarandia Paata





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