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/ Main / News / Francophonie Festival taking place in Odessa

Placed: 21.03.2013 15:06:17

Francophonie Festival taking place in Odessa

On March 18 – 24, Odessa is celebrating International Francophonie Day with French movies demonstrations, concerts, press-conferences etc.

On March 20

On March 20, the International Francophonie Day is celebrated worldwide. This is the day when Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) or the International Organization of the Francophonie has been founded in 1970.



This is an international organization of politics and governments with French as the mother or customary language, where a significant proportion of people are francophones (French speakers), or where there is a notable affiliation with the French language or culture.
Its motto is égalité, complémentarité, solidarité ("equality, complementarity, and solidarity"), alluding to France's motto.


Started as a small club of northern French-speaking countries, the Francophonie has since evolved into a global organization whose numerous branches cooperate with its member states in the fields of culture, science, economy, justice, and peace.


The International Francophonie Day is celebrated in Ukraine annually.
This year, the Francophonie Festival will be taking place in Odessa for the 8th consecutive time, on March 18 – 24, 2013. In the network of the festival, the following events are taking place:


- “Mauritius Literature” conference by Jean Paul Rogue (March 18);
- Conference by the famous French writer Andrei Makine (March 19);
- Concert of the UNESCO Guitar Contest Winner Cherif Mbaw (March 21);
- Demonstration of “Lumumba” movie by Raoul Peck (March 22);
- African short movies demonstration (March 23).


On top of that, “Planet of the Woman” photo exhibition is taking place in Odessa Alliance Française (3, Sadovaya Street).

The Festival is organized and initiated by Alliance française d'Odessa, French Culture Center and Embassy of France in Ukraine.


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the IX Odessa International Film Festival

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