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/ Main / News / Odessa Zoo welcomes a predatory turtle

Placed: 18.04.2013 15:52:30

Odessa Zoo welcomes a predatory turtle

An exotic novelty arrived to Odessa Zoo’s aquaterrarium. PICTURE STORY.

Odessa Zoo’s aquaterrarium is replenished with a new kind of a turtle, which the municipal nursery has never ever had before. This is a Matamata turtle, that origins from Brazil, Surinam and Venezuela. This animal has a very peculiar appearance: its extraordinarily long and flexible neck and head are covered with cutaneous outgrowths that remind of algae sheaves. This serves as a perfect disguise for hunting fishes and frogs.


“Matamata is a deft predator. These turtles grow up to be quite big, but the one that appeared in Odessa Zoo is very young. It was gifted to the Zoo by a private reptile collector from Odessa, an experienced terrarium keeper Nikita Katchuk, who decided to make such a present to Odessa Zoo from the pure heart”, announced Odessa Zoo Director Igor Byelyakov.


The baby turtle has already been examined and quarantined, and is now officially a member of Odessa Zoo’s aquaterrarium.




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