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/ Main / News / Day of Aurochs to be celebrated in Odessa Zoo

Placed: 21.05.2013 11:28:27

Day of Aurochs to be celebrated in Odessa Zoo

On May 25, Day of Aurochs will be festively celebrated in Odessa Zoo with the sponsor assistance of the Polish Consulate.

On May 25, 2013, the ecological “Day of Aurochs” holiday will be festively celebrated in Odessa Zoo. The five years old aurochs named Sultan will become the main hero of the fest.

“Our aurochs Sultan is the adornment of Odessa Zoo’s animals collection. He is five years old now, and he’s gotten here from Kiev Zoo when he has been five months old. His name is a special one, because in wildlife, an aurochs is a sultan who needs a harem of females. Sadly, our Sultan is a bachelor right now, but we’re looking for a mate for him, though”, announced Odessa zoo Director Igor Byelyakov.

In the network of the ecological holiday, the little visitors will have a chance to decorate themselves with aqua makeup. Besides, the representatives of the Polish Consulate spoke the word about their being willing to become the sponsors of the animal that could actually be the symbol of this state – a mighty aurochs. The Polish guests will visit the Zoo at 11 a.m., and at 12 a.m., the ecological fest will traditionally start. The representatives of the Polish side will provide the Zoo with a very interesting photo exhibition, that would let Odessa’s citizens get to know more about the life of Bialowieza Forest.


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