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/ Main / News / Odessa hit hard by a hurricane. Photos

Placed: 03.06.2013 09:49:53

Odessa hit hard by a hurricane. Photos

The consequences of the hurricane in Odessa: hundreds of damaged trees, dangling power lines etc. At the time being, Odessa is almost fully cleared from the debris.

On the night of May 31 - June 1, 2013, a hurricane with squally rain and strong wind hit Odessa.

Throughout the night, the municipal disaster relief headquarters has been working.

To fight the effects of bad weather, all the workers of Municipal Economy Department , Emergency Situations Ministry, all the communal services are rendered active. The military came the aid of the city, as well.

In the morning, an emergency meeting of Odessa City Council Executive Committee was held, where the municipal authorities defined the priorities of relieving the of natural disaster’s consequences.

On the night of June 1, 2013, Odessa’s emergency services started clearing the city streets from the debris formed due to the falling branches, trees and dangling wires.

The works are held in all the districts of the city and involve all the city services, rescue and military units, as well as the representatives of the public organizations, enterprises and departments, simple citizens of Odessa.

The list of the top priority projects to be cleared includes the central streets and squares of Odessa. So, by the morning, the consequences of the storm have already been eliminated at Primorskiy Boulevard, the Dumskaya Square and the entrances to the Opera House.

Tourists, including the foreign ones (judging by the number of buses arriving) aren’t afraid of the consequences of the natural disaster and keep getting acquainted with the sights of Odessa. The main tourist routes of Odessa’s historic center are free from blockages. Odessa City Mayor Aleksey Kostusyev took part in the resoration works at the city's French Boulevard. 

At the time being, bank accounts are introduced to collect charitable contributions to help relieve the consequences of the storm.
























































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