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/ Main / News / Rare autos from Lithuania visited Odessa

Placed: 12.06.2013 18:13:57

Rare autos from Lithuania visited Odessa

Rare 50’ies Volkswagen Beetles arrived to Odessa in the network of a rally. PHOTOS.

“In the network of Lithuanian Days in Crimean Autonomous Republic preparation, Lithuanian Beetle Club will carry out a 4.5 km rally. They have never ever covered such a long distance, and the stay in Odessa is the longest, to let the members of Odessa’s Beetle Club meet their Lithuanian colleagues, spend some time together and visit Odessa’s places of interest”, emphasized the Honorary Consul of Lithuanian Republic in Odessa Mrs. Yelena Drutis.

25 Lithuanians, including children, came to Odessa to get to know its history and its hospitable citizens. The oldest Beetle visiting Odessa has been manufactured in 1957, the youngest one is only 13 years old.

“Our club has been founded in 1996. Each Summer, we organize fests visited by the participants from different countries and cities. We would like to invite Ukrainians, and Odessa citizens in particular, to our fests. I know that very good people live in Odessa, as well as in Lithuania. We decided to get to know you, so we’re here”, said the Volkswagen Beetle Lovers Club representative.

Today, the rally participants left Odessa for Crimea.













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