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/ Main / News / Odessa visited by the film director Pyotr Todorovskiy

Placed: 08.01.2007 10:17:30

Odessa visited by the film director Pyotr Todorovskiy

Odessa city mayor Eduard Gurvits had a meeting with Pyotr Todorovskiy and his spouse Mira.

Odessa visited by the film director Pyotr Todorovskiy.

Photos by Alexander Vlasov

During his meeting with Odessa city mayor Eduard Gurvits, film director Pyotr Todorovskiy especially emphasized his having a real opportunity to celebrate the New Year in Paris, Hamburg or Odessa – and he’s chosen Odessa. The famous Russian film director, who used to live and work in our city, visited it with his spouse to celebrate the New Year together with Odessa citizens.

Pyotr Todorovskiy and his spouse Mira expressed their being surprised with Odessa’s having changed so much for the best with her present mayor. “Two and a half years ago I was filming a movie in Odessa together wit the director Yan Novak and spent a lot of time here. It was awful, especially in winter: absolutely destroyed city and roads. It was impossible to walk and drive. I had a feeling that Odessa is being knowingly destroyed. Today, we are really stunned. The roads are repaired, the ancient buildings restored, Odessa’s central Deribasovskaya street is as beautiful as any European city. This is a unique city, and we are extremely pleased that the present city management does its best to save and develop it”, said Mira Todorovskaya.
During the friendly conversation, Eduard Gurvits emphasized that he is sure of the city’s development as a business resort and tourist center being really necessary. He also did announce, that the world famous Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater restoration will be finished in 2007. All the necessary financing has been provided in the city budget. The city management also plans to restore the historical “Pale Royal” complex.

During the meeting having been carried out in the city hall, the guests gave the city mayor a present: record of the “Stalin’s Wife” movie having been filmed by Mira Tororovskaya. This film has already been demonstrated at the Russian TV. In Ukraine, the rights for its broadcasting are purchased by “Ukraine” TV channel.

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