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/ Main / News / Kids social-psychological rehabilitation center to be open in Odessa

Placed: 16.01.2007 14:32:34

Kids social-psychological rehabilitation center to be open in Odessa

On December, 19, the opening of the kids social-psychological rehabilitation center will take place in Odessa

On December, 19, 2007, at 2 p.m., in the network of “There are no outsider kids” municipal program realization,
the Center of social-psychological rehabilitation of the kids having found themselves in difficult life situations will be inaugurated at the following address: Odessa city, 19-C, Bozhenko str.
In the center, qualified specialists will help the kid to make himself out, to understand what he needs, to gain education or specialization and to renew the papers.
The teenagers may turn to the Center for help on their own.
The Center accepts kids on parents’ request as well.
If you know the kid is deprived of parental care,
has found himself in crisis,
is taking drugs,
is delinquent,
 you can contact the Center at the following address:
19-C Bozhenko str. Odessa city, Ukraine
or via phone: +3 (80482) 734-25-00 (24/7).

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