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/ Main / News / The New Year tree to stay on Dumskaya square in Odessa until Epiphany

Placed: 18.01.2007 09:02:24

The New Year tree to stay on Dumskaya square in Odessa until Epiphany

Primorskiy blvd is decorated with 50 km of motley garlands. The New Year tree Dumskaya square will gladden Odessa citizens until January, 19.

Primorskiy Boulevard is still decorated in a festive way.
178 trees are decorated with luminescent garlands. It took from eight to ten 25 meters length garlands to decorate each tree. On top of all that, it took over four km of garlands to decorate the city’s main New Year tree. So, nearly 50 km of garlands were used to make the boulevard, the square and the fir look the way they do.
But anyway, the New Year tree is still the main decoration of the city, especially the decoration balls able to change their color as a chameleon does. Time after time, they turn from red to green, from green to blue, etc.
The beauty’s secret was revealed by “City Lighting” (“Gorsvet”) CE director Alexander Prokopets who’s headed the illumination works:
- The are no filament lamps on the fir. All the decorations are LED (light-emitting diode). This concerns the entire boulevard and its garlands as well. That’s not only really well-looking, but practical as well since it lets to shorten the electricity consumption rate and to avoid spontaneous ignition. I can say for sure: there was no fir of a kind in Odessa before, and in the entire Ukraine as well.
There is no doubt that it’s a pity to part with such a beauty. But it’s meant to be that way – each fest has its end, and the fir will be dismantled.


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