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/ Main / News / Ecological Fest to be held in Odessa Zoo

Placed: 16.08.2013 17:27:16

Ecological Fest to be held in Odessa Zoo

On August 17, wood mythology lesson will be held in Odessa Zoo: contests, quizzes, competitions, interesting games etc.

This Saturday, on August 17, 2013, “Leshy’s Day” ecological fest for kids will take place in Odessa Zoo.

At the fest, the young guests will have an opportunity to meet the mythical forest characters and get to know more about the forest nature. The main hero of the celebration – Leshy – together with his faithful helpers – forest fairies – will not only tell the guests about the nature of the forests and the fields, but will ask many questions, too.

The Leshy or Lesovik is a male woodland spirit in Slavic mythology who protects wild animals and forests.
Leshy protects the animals and birds in the forest and tells them when to migrate. He can shapeshift into many different forms. As a human, he looks like a peasant with glowing eyes, and his shoes are on backwards.
A person who befriends a leshy can learn the secrets of magic. Farmers and shepherds would make pacts with the leshy to protect their crops and sheep. The leshy has many tricks, including leading peasants astray, making them sick, or tickling them to death. They are also known to hide the axes of woodcutters. A person gets lost in the woods when a leshy crosses their path. To find the way out, you have to turn your clothes inside out and wear shoes on opposite feet.
Leshies are terribly mischievous beings: they have horrible cries, and can imitate voices of people familiar to wanderers and lure them back to their caves, where the leshies will tickle them to death; they also remove signs from their posts. Leshies aren't evil: although they enjoy misguiding humans and kidnapping young women, they are also known to keep grazing cattle from wandering too far into the forests and getting lost.
Sometimes more than one leshy inhabits a forest, and then they will fight for their territory, knocking down trees and scaring animals.

During the fest, the little visitors of the Zoo, as well as their parents, will take part in merry contests, quizzes, competitions and active games. Traditionally, the winners will receive prizes and gifts.

The celebration is scheduled to start at 11 a.m.


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