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/ Main / News / «Odessa Herald» newspaper is 180 years old!

Placed: 19.01.2007 14:53:05

«Odessa Herald» newspaper is 180 years old!

180 years ago, on January, 5, 1827 a rather small newspaper with “Journal d’Odessa – Odessa Herald” header was out for the first time.

Historical information

On Wednesday, January, 5, 1827, a rather small newspaper with “Journal d’Odessa – Odessa Herald” header was out for the first time. Its releases were located on four pages. Each one had two columns featuring text in French in the left and text in Russian in the right.

”Odessa Herald” was organized by the officials who served for the General-governor M.S. Vorontsov. These were Alexey Levshin, special missions official (he became Odessa mayor and deputy minister of internal affairs later), baron Filipp Brunov, diplomat and literary man, and Pavel Marini, official of Vorontsov’s chancellery, literary man. Besides, the famous archaeologists P. Blaramberg and A. Stempkovskiy and poet V. Tumanskiy were cooperating with the newspaper.
When “Odessa Herald” has been being edited by A. Levshin, it’s had a really miscellaneous content. This was an important distinctive trait for the newspaper to differ from all the Russian metropolitan and many foreign ones Odessa has been being provided with.
The newspaper’s authority rose in 1831-1833, when it was being edited by Mikhail Rozberg, writer, Russian philology professor. In 1833, a “Literature Sheets” weekly appendix to the newspaper was being issued, and it contained novels, short stories, road notes, articles and “interesting jokes”.
In 1843, Rozberg has left Odessa, and for 23 years the editor’s chair was occupied by Alexander Troynitskiy. Those days, the newspaper was extremely popular among Odessa’s citizens, and it was the time of its bloom.
Trojnitskiy left Odessa in 1857 and was replaced by Nikolay Sokalskiy, mathematician by education, a gifted publicist having deep knowledge of economics.
In 1858, a reorganization took place: “Odessa Herald” having been formally subdued to Novorossiyskoye and Bessarabskoye General-governor offices, was transferred to the Richelieu lyceum’s professor. In 1858, it’s being editored by Alexander Georgiyevskiy and Alexander Bogdanovskiy. Great attention to the newspaper was delivered by the prominent scientist and publicist Nikolay Pirogov. It’s said that he was the one to organize its being transferred to Richelieu lyceum. It went well until Pirogov left Odessa for Kiev and “Odessa Herald” got transferred to the General-governor’s office again.
In 1859, the newspaper was headed by N. Sokalskiy again, and his editorial service lasted for 12 years. The circulation range was rising steadily. “Odessa Herald” was the one to deliver a detailed reflection of the political, economical and cultural life of both Odessa city and the entire region. The newspaper had a great authority among the native and even among the foreign editions.
After Sokalskiy’s death in 1871, the editor’s chair became occupied by his brother Pyotr, a famous literary man, composer and folklore examiner. The newspaper’s affairs went well for 5 years.
In 1876, Pyotr Sokalskiy was replaced by Pavel Zeleny, a famous social figure (who became the city mayor in 1898). But in the beginning of the 80’ies, the newspaper’s condition became unstable.
In 1884, the new editor Stanislav Lomnitskiy tried to liven things. He involved young journalists in work. In 1886, it was announced that the price for the newspaper would be decreased, that the newspaper would come out on Mondays, that the special editorial offices would start working in Chisinau, Kherson, Yelisavetgrad, Yekaterinoslav. The newspaper was to hold to its reputation of the one expressing the needs and demands of the South of Russia. But, having started from a leap up, Lomnitskiy didn’t manage to keep the height. However, his heir Vladimir Kirchner, who was has been editing the newspaper since 1889, didn’t manage to do this as well. The competition rate was dramatically increasing. Even the 30000 Roubles credit from Marazli didn’t help. “Odessa News” and “Novorossiyskiy Telegraph” gained great popularity among the subscribers. “Odessa Herald’s” new editors Maxilian Arnold and Alexander Popandopulo didn’t manage to improve the thing. On August, 26, 1893, “Odessa Herald” edition stopped its run.
In 1991, a newspaper with such a name reappeared in our city.
“Odessa Herald” was being editored by Igor Rozov, Vyacheslav Voronkov, Yuliya Zhenevskaya.
At the time being, Alexander Kamennyj is the newspaper’s Editor-in-Chief.

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