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/ Main / News / Odessa Zoo gained an African ostrich male as a gift

Placed: 22.01.2007 15:29:54

Odessa Zoo gained an African ostrich male as a gift

There are two young African ostrich females and one male in Odessa Zoo now. This bird is the largest one of the feathered.

Odessa Zoo gained an African ostrich male as a gift from “Transoil” LLC (in person of Tatiana Sebova). This is a very important thing, because there are two ostrich females in the Zoo, and the workers hope to gain descendants of these amazing birds, being the largest of the feathered.
On top of all that, “Transoil” presented a couple of downy hens, and a freezing camera of 300 liters volume. Forage preserving is an extremely important element of the zoo’s work.
This is a true example of a not indifferent attitude toward the zoo’s problems and needs.
Odessa Zoo was created in 1927. Its collection features 243 types of animals and has 1590 exemplars featuring 93 types of fish, 7 types of amphibians, 37 types of reptiles, 73 types of birds, 33 types of mammals.
Odessa zoo has rare animals accepted into the International Nature Protection Union Red Book, European Red list and Ukraine’s Red book – over 60 types. Many of them are reproducing successfully. These are the famous Indian elephants, Far-East leopards, Przhewalskiy horses, brown bears, eagle-owls, etc.
The zoo has a system of privileged season-ticket visits (for families, children and grown-ups).
Here it is possible to ride a pony, a lama, a camel, a phaeton. The visitors can have a rest, sit on the benches, have a snack in the café, the smallest ones can play on the children playground, ride the swings, visit the laughter room, etc.

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