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/ Main / News / New types of birds appeared in Odessa region

Placed: 19.02.2007 10:29:00

New types of birds appeared in Odessa region

Because of the warm winter, the types of birds which are not incident to this territory appeared on territory of the Odessa region.

Rufibrenta ruficollis

Because of the warm winter, some types of birds which are not incident to thus territory appeared in Odessa region.
This was announced on February, 17, by the associate professor of Mechnikov Odessa state university zoology department Anatoliy Korzyukov.
According to his information, there is a numerous accumulation of birds (about 20 thousand) in Odessa region at the moment, and 2 thousand of them are the Rufibrenta ruficollis (red crop brand goose) having been inserted to the Red Book.
“At the time being, 30-40% of Rufibrenta ruficollis usually living at Taimyr find themselves in the southern regions of Ukraine – partly in our district and partly in the northern Crimea. Usually these birds do hibernate in Bulgaria and Romania, but they stopped in Ukraine because of the warm winter”, said Mr. Korzyukov.
Mr. Korzyukov supposed that migratory birds from Balkan may also start moving to Odessa region in case of such warm winter.
Rufibrenta ruficollis (Pallas, 1769)
Class: Goose-like. Family: Duck Anatidae. Rare, narrow natural habitat kind of a low quantity. It was inserted to the Red books of USSR and Russia, and also to Addition II to Convention of SITES.
It’s of a large duck size. It can be faultlessly known by the original coloring combined of black, white and chestnut-red. It can be differed from the other geese by rapid flight with frequent wing-beats.
It nests mainly in Taimyr, sometimes at Gidan peninsula and Yamal.
It winters mainly in the south of Europe; some part of the birds flies to the Caspian sea, where the Rufibrenta ruficollis’ hibernation basic places
were situated until the 1970’ies.
 From the end of XIX to the middle XX, quantity of kind had been falling steadily; it began to recommence from the end of 1960th due to international efforts.
To the end of 1970’ies, the general quantity of a kind was estimated to be 28,5 - 30,5 thousand of species, and approximately 35 thousand in the end of 1980’ies.

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