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/ Main / News / Constitutional reform: look of civil society forum started in Odessa

Placed: 19.02.2007 13:14:26

Constitutional reform: look of civil society forum started in Odessa

In Odessa, a three-days long constitutional reform discussion public forum took place It was participated by the representatives of government and public organizations, scientific institutions and mass-media from all over Ukraine, the Europe Council General Political Affairs Directorate, EC Congress of local and regional authorities.

On February, 16, a «Constitutional reform: look of civil society» three-day public forum started in Odessa.
It was initiated and organized by “Legislative Initiatives Laboratories” public organizations (Kiev city), Europe Council General Politic Affairs Directorate and the network of Ukrainian regional expert institutions. Besides, the forum’s been supported by “South Caucasian and Ukrainian Democratic Processes Assistance” Europe Council and European Commission Joint Initiative. The organizers announced that the forum’s aimed at discussing the results, further directions and prospects of Ukrainian Constitutional reform and developing recommendations considering the further steps to be made to provide Ukrainian state and local government bodies system functioning.
The forum was participated by the representatives of state and local government, leading analytic centers and civil organizations, scientific institutions, mass-media (90 participants from all over Ukraine), Europe Council Political Affairs Directorate, Venetian Commission and Europe Council Local and Regional Government Congress. In the network of the forum, the “Constitutional Reform in Ukraine” and “Prospects of further public government reforming in Ukraine” plenary sessions and “New format of relations in the “Parliament – President – Government” triangle: estimations and reference points” and “Constitutional reform and local self-government” round-table discussions were held.
On February, 17, some Ukrainian people’s deputies joined the civil forum. This day, the forum participants discussed the prospects of further public government reforming in Ukraine and the new format of relations in the “Parliament – President – Government” triangle, constitutional reform and local self-government. The discussion was participated by Odessa city council Secretary Alexander Prokopenko, Odessa Region council deputy head Nikolay Tyndyuk, Europe Council Political Affairs General Directorate Advisor Plamen Nikolov, Venetian Commission deputy Secretary Thomas Markert and others. Considering the results of the forum, it is planned to adopt an Address to the President of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, political parties and public organizations concerning search of compromise of governmental bodies system reforming problem.
The Address project featured the following words, “We, the participants of «Constitutional reform: look of civil society» public forum, representatives of public organizations and political parties, state and local government bodies, who represent most of Ukrainian region, call upon the President of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the leaders of political powers to search for a compromise and unification around solving one the crucial problems – reforming the governmental bodies system stipulating for re-orientating this system to providing and protecting the human’s rights and not carrying out functions defined by the laws for the sake of these very functions”.

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