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/ Main / News / Multinational Odessa denounces the organizers of vandalism actions

Placed: 27.02.2007 10:35:37

Multinational Odessa denounces the organizers of vandalism actions

A Joint Address was signed by the representatives of 23 national communities and 19 confessions

To denounce the vandals and do everything that’s possible to institute proceedings against them: such was the main aim of the ones having taken part in the Joint session of Religious-secular assent coordination-consultative Council and Ethnic-national communities Council having been held in connection with the vandalism acts concerning the monuments to Holocaust victims memorials and the tombs at the III Jewish cemetery. The authors of the Address having been agreed during the session are sure that the responsibility for such crimes is to be unavoidable – “this is what demands memory of the innocent children, women, old people having been martyrized”.
In the document, it is said that the actions of the vandals is a challenge towards all of the city’s community. “There is no doubt that this is not a spontaneous action performed by a marginal part of society but a well-planned provocation. Considering this, we do state that the anti-Semitism provocation attempts are extremely non-acceptable as a mean in political struggle”. The Council members are really worried by the young generation’s not understanding the very depth of the Holocaust tragedy. The anti-Semitic and xenophobic moods are extremely wide-spread among the youth, “that’s living in a non-spiritual environment, doesn’t know its history, including the WWII and Holocaust one, when 6 million Jews have died, and over 240 thousand civilians have been executed in Odessa during the occupation”. That’s what is said in the Address having been unanimously agreed and signed by the representatives of 23 national communities and 19 confessions.
In opinion of Odessa main Rabbi, in case of absence of suiting reaction by the coercive structures, the other nations will definitely feel such a challenge as well.
Odessa city council Secretary Alexander Prokopenko stated the vandalism display to be “a deep psychological trauma for the citizens of Odessa. This is our common pain. I agree that this is not a narrow-national action. It’s directed against all of the nations. We have to do our best for this never to refrain again”, said Mr. Prokopenko.
Odessa city council deputy, St. Archangel Mikhail Convent Mother Superior, mother Serafima is sure that vandalism is a natural demonstration of the powers professing xenophobia. “The government and the public organizations have to unite to react at this jointly”.

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